Xbox Game Pass continues its hot streak with another critically-acclaimed game launching tomorrow

Xbox Game Pass continues to prove its value, with wool planet receiving incredibly strong reviews before it hits service tomorrow.

One of the best things about Game Pass is the way it gives you a chance to try out the smaller games in between your biggest hits of the year games. There are lots of great little titles out there, like Citizen Sleeper or Signalis. And now, if you’re looking for something else to play, it looks like Planet of Lana might be the perfect choice.

Reviews for Planet of Lana, an Xbox console exclusive launching on Game Pass tomorrow, May 23, have started pouring in, and they’re looking incredibly strong. GamesRadar gave the game a 4.5/5, noting its “fantastic array of puzzle settings” and numerous “memorable moments”. stone paper shotgun he did not rate his review, but said that “the action sequences and cinematic environments are worth its six hours.”

If you haven’t heard of Planet of Lana, it’s in the vein of cinematic platformers like Limbo, albeit with a bit brighter and more colorful surroundings. You should expect similar puzzle types, with their own take on the genre. Also, he actually has quite a beautiful art style.

Planet of Lana isn’t the only gem joining Game Pass this month. If you’re looking for some more indie goodness, Cassette Beasts, a sort of Pokemon that lets you fuse the creatures you collect, arrives just a couple of days after Planet of Lana on May 25. On January 30, Chicory: A Colorful Tale comes to Game Pass, a title created by the developers behind Wandersong and Celeste. In it, you play as a dog named Pizza (yes, actually) and literally fill the world with color as you can draw literally anything.

Planet of Lana launches for PC and Xbox Series X/S tomorrow, May 23.

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