No one can find a Breath of the Wild fan favourite in Tears of the Kingdom


Almost every character from Breath of the Wild is back in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, but there’s one character who’s suspiciously absent.

Spoilers ahead for the missing character (if the absence of a character counts as a spoiler for you)!

When I say almost all the characters are back, I mean it. You’ve got the greats like Riju from Gerudo Town, Sidon from Zora’s Domain, even Purah is back, albeit a bit older now (leading some to have an unquenchable thirst). You’ll even find NPCs you almost definitely don’t remember the names of, along with a host of new characters like Cece, the fashionista, and Taurus, the Zonai survey team leader. So where the hell is the best bard in all of Hyrule, the one and only Kass?

Kass is an incredibly iconic character from Breath of the Wild, especially for the soothing accordion tones you’d hear throughout the world of Hyrule. He wasn’t a big part of the main quest in the first game, although he did build some lore and story, and he’s incredibly important in the Champion’s Ballad DLC. But fans haven’t been able to find it so far and are worried.

Tears of the Kingdom is obviously a massive game, so there’s a chance no one ever managed to find it. Even though the game has sold over 10 million copies in just three days, you’d assume someone might have found the bard bird. There are a couple of references to him in the game, made by his wife, his children and another character, but he is never mentioned by name.

Several fans have raised concerns about his absence, and I feel that too – not hearing his accordion feels a bit sad, so I can only hope they bring him back as some sort of DLC. Maybe we can’t find it because none of us have explored the map enough (and maybe we need a guide to all Skyview Tower locations to help us do it).


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