Warner offers two free fatalities in response to Mortal Kombat 1 Halloween backlash


As a way of addressing fervent feedback from the Mortal Kombat 1 community, Warner Bros. has reacted to the backlash over the pricing of fatalities by handing out two free fatalities to those who dished out $10 at Halloween.

The fatalities are part of the Seasonal Fatalities Bundle, slated for release next week, and it comes with finishing moves based on the holidays.

Like the Halloween-themed fatality, there will be one for Thanksgiving and one that is winter-inspired.

This seasonal pack will be made available for free to those who purchased the expensive $10 Halloween offering and comes on the heels of players voicing concerns over the cost of the in-game finishing moves.

And, if you thought the Halloween fatality was kinda gross (via
Scary Hours), wait until you see the one for Thanksgiving. It’s gruesome. We can only imagine what the winter-themed fatality will look like.

A price for the Seasonal Fatalities Bundle has not been announced.


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