Universal Crossword November 13 2023 Answers


Word before salt or weed 3 letters SEA Down in the dumps 3 letters SAD Anticipates 6 letters AWAITS ___ up (energize) 3 letters AMP Prefix meaning all 4 letters OMNI Style of communication 6 letters VERBAL Dad 3 letters POP *Critical decision point 11 letters DOORDIETIME Train track component 4 letters RAIL Durable wood 4 letters TEAK Close like a jacket 3 letters ZIP *Person prepping for the end 10 letters DOOMSDAYER Grain in milkshakes or Scotch 4 letters MALT Gives a +1 online 7 letters UPVOTES Blood bank classification 4 letters TYPE Busy bug 3 letters BEE Bridal lehenga color 3 letters RED American ___ (Massachusetts’ state tree) 3 letters ELM *Work that is often underpaid undervalued and performed by women 13 letters DOMESTICLABOR 30 Rock creator Tina 3 letters FEY Soup with rice noodles 3 letters PHO Phone no. 3 letters TEL Rip 4 letters TEAR Stuck idiomatically 7 letters INABIND Travel document 4 letters VISA *Club’s main attraction perhaps 10 letters DANCEFLOOR Medium power?: Abbr. 3 letters ESP Prefix meaning one 4 letters MONO Leave in awe 4 letters STUN *Space-efficient divider between rooms … or a hint to the word at the edges of the starred clues’ answers 11 letters SLIDINGDOOR ___ a small world 3 letters ITS Pressed sandwich 6 letters PANINI ___ mater 4 letters ALMA Snooze 3 letters NAP You may make them after messing up 6 letters AMENDS Golf prop 3 letters TEE University stat 3 letters GPA Maple syrup source 3 letters SAP Genre inspired by punk 3 letters EMO Feel favorably about 9 letters APPROVEOF Burns slowly 8 letters SMOLDERS Year in 10-Down 3 letters ANO Like a chai latte with espresso 5 letters DIRTY Big bird enclosure 6 letters AVIARY Seven days 4 letters WEEK Paintings and sculptures 3 letters ART Spanish island known for nightlife 5 letters IBIZA South Indian language 5 letters TAMIL Took a 67-Across 5 letters SLEPT Writer of celebratory poems 5 letters ODIST Bug repellent 4 letters DEET Te ___ (Spanish for I love you) 3 letters AMO English voice-over for an anime for example 3 letters DUB Newspaper piece with perspective 4 letters OPED For ___ price 4 letters ASET I Want You Back Spice Girl 4 letters MELB Green legume 3 letters PEA Salsa or hummus 3 letters DIP Gesturing 9 letters MOTIONING Like a movie about moviemaking 4 letters META Needle hole 3 letters EYE Fashionable 4 letters CHIC Homesick perhaps 8 letters LONESOME Nevada tourist spot 4 letters RENO Cross-country romance for example: Abbr. 3 letters LDR Greek god of beauty 6 letters ADONIS Resonated 4 letters RANG SAG-___ 5 letters AFTRA ___-ray 3 letters BLU Italian scooter brand 5 letters VESPA Religion with the Five Pillars 5 letters ISLAM Backbone 5 letters SPINE Silently acknowledge 5 letters NODAT ___-body connection 4 letters MIND Clatter 3 letters DIN Futbol chant 3 letters OLE Faucet 3 letters TAP Facial site 3 letters SPA


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