This Diablo 4 hotfix could’ve used a bit more fanfare, because it’s good


Diablo 4 is in a bit of a lull at the moment. The game’s first season is nearing its end, and Blizzard is pretty much done releasing major patches until the big pre-Season 2 update.

While everyone eagerly anticipates the start of Season of Blood, the developer recently decided to build a bit of hype for the upcoming season, proclaiming that the new content is so big it would need two multi-hour livestreams.

But behind the scenes, Diablo 4 continues to get smaller hotfixes, even if Blizzard could do a bit better at boosting the signal on some of them. Case in point, this hotfix, which came out back on Thursday, September 14.

As spotted by GamesRadar+, the hotfix is pretty small, but it brings a very welcome change that could’ve scored Blizzard some easy brownie points.

The hotfix increases XP gained from killing monsters, specifically in World Tier 3, and World Tier 4 – the game’s highest levels. On World Tier 3, that’s only 5%, and a much larger 15% on WT4.

XP earn rate, especially post level 50 and level 75, has always been a problem for Diablo 4. The developer reduced XP gains in its disastrous pre-Season 1 patch, but has been gradually rolling back many of the worst-received changes.

While the boost is small, it signals that Blizzard is aware of the desire for a faster levelling experience, particularly considering the game’s other problems around loot and endgame, which make that climb all the more gruelling.

The hotfix also removed an exploit that you could use to get more Seeds of Hatred than intended, in certain cases.

For now, all eyes are on the first of the aforementioned Season of Blood livestreams. The game’s second season is already shaping up to deliver on crucial quality of life features, and we hope that also extends to exciting content.


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