Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom’s titular voice actor “would love” to play the princess in live-action film


The voice actor who played Zelda in both Breath of the Wild and Tears of the Kingdom is more than up for playing the character in the upcoming film.

To the befuddlement of at the very least me, Nintendo announced that it is planning to turn its Legend of Zelda series into a live action film, a choice I am still not sold on. Of course, it’s only recently that we’ve actually heard Zelda speak full sentences in the games (if we ignore the CD-i games), starting off with Patricia Summersett as the titular character in Breath of the Wild. The voice actor recently spoke with GamesRadar, and was asked if she’d be interested in being the one to play the part in the film, she said, “Of course I will. I would love to play Zelda over and over again.”

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We obviously have no idea when casting might take place (and to be honest I’m more concerned about who they’re going to get to play Link), but at least we know we have someone already quite familiar with the character we can rely on. Summersett also expressed her desire to return to the character despite the lack of Tears of the Kingdom DLC, saying, “I’m quite connected to the fanbase now. It’s been seven years, so this is my life. It’s been three games, and I could always take more of it. I love this part of my life and the community. Not that it’s going away any time soon. It’s an absolute joy.”

Zelda series creator and all round gaming icon Shigeru Miyamoto also shared following the film’s announcement that he’s been working on this film with producer Avi Arad for “about ten years.” He’s also apparently very conscious of the weight of such a film, noting that he and the rest of those working on the film “hope to release something good that will meet everyone’s expectations.”


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