You can add ‘Lego brick’ to the listing of issues that may play Doom


There are one million methods to play the unique Doom, and now there’s one million and one, as now you can play it on a Lego brick.

This is not some type of prank, goof, or bit, as a result of Twitter consumer and maker of issues James Brown (not that one) has taken a Lego brick, and turned it right into a teeny tiny display screen. Earlier this month, Brown determined to undergo the hassle taking a tiny blue Lego brick, and making it a functioning monitor. And after all, if it is a pc of some sort, it might probably run Doom.

And run Doom it does, as Brown shared on Twitter in fairly a cute little video displaying a Lego minifigure enjoying the sport. Of course, it is most likely the only worst means that you might play Doom, given the display screen has a decision of 72×40, however the level as at all times is that it might probably run Doom, not that it might probably run Doom nicely.

Brown admits within the replies that it is not very playable as nicely, however for what it’s it seems to be pretty playable from the place we’re standing.

This specific means you may play Doom joins the lengthy, lengthy listing of all of the bizarre methods it is doable. While you may’t technically play it, a Twitter bot known as Doomscroll has been posting a body by body playthrough of the traditional shooter.

And in 2020, somebody made Doom playable on a being pregnant take a look at, which might be simply as unplayable because the Lego display screen. It’s not precisely the consequence you would be hoping for when making an attempt to conceive, but it surely could possibly be a great way to spend time because the take a look at figures out what’s what.

Brown’s original Twitter thread does form of clarify how the Lego brick display screen works, so for those who’re bored sufficient you might at all times give it a shot your self.


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