Xbox September Update now lets you stream your games on Discord


Microsoft has unveiled the Xbox September Update, which will give users the ability to stream their games directly to Discord from their Xbox consoles. The update also brings with it a variable refresh rate (VRR) update for Xbox Series X/S consoles, and new ways to view and redeem your Xbox rewards.

The Xbox September Update was made available last week for Xbox Insiders, and now it is slowly being rolled out to the general public. The highlight is, of course, improved Discord integrations which will now allow players to stream their Xbox gameplay to Discord. This is good news for any of you playing Starfield on Xbox that are desperate to share your space-faring shenanigans with friends, that’s for sure.

On top of being able to stream games from your console to Discord, a variable refresh update is being dished out to Xbox Series X/S users. This update will allow users to choose whether they want VRR enabled on their console or not, or whether they want to use it for ‘Gaming Only’ and so forth.

The Xbox app will also have some new features to make navigation and playing with friends that little bit easier. A new Rewards tab, and a Redeem Rewards catalogue, will be easily accessible from your profile. And you can ask to join friends’ games from their profiles, too.

Microsoft is additionally adding new wish list notifications that you can adjust in your settings, so you never miss a new release or new addition to Xbox Game Pass ever again. As well as that, game launch countdowns have returned, which will track how long before a game releases down to the minute.

Oh, and let’s not forget that you can now pair new accessories to your Xbox using the Xbox Accessories app. No need to peel yourself from the sofa anymore!

Last, but not least, Xbox’s new voice reporting feature that it revealed back in July is being rolled out. This feature allows users to capture and report short clips of any inappropriate in-game chats, in an attempt to curb toxicity. Available to Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S players, the feature is rolling out to console players in the US, UK, Canada, Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand for now.

What are your thoughts on the Xbox September Update?


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