Who Is Lisa in Phasmaphobia?


This game makes us scream like children.
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So simply who’s Lisa in Phasmaphobia? Well, she’s a ghost, after all. But she isn’t just any ghost. It’s a little bit of a bizarre story, truly, so bear with us. As you recognize, Phasmaphobia is a ghost-hunting, on-line, co op recreation that got here out in 2020 and blew up on Twitch. The comparatively easy gameplay (at first) paired up with the freaky ghost designs make for some nice gaming moments. And although there are some ghosts that stand out, Lisa’s cause for getting standard amongst gamers is as a result of she is a particular form of insane, and has a really particular relationship with one streamer.

We instructed you this will get bizarre.

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Who Is Lisa in Phasmaphobia?

Lisa is a ghost on this recreation. We’ve made that fairly clear. She is (clearly) randomized, and never encountered too ceaselessly. Well, one streamer named Insym runs into her rather a lot. And once we say she is a loopy ghost, we imply it. Hunts out of no the place, 1,000,000 occasions and doing bizarre ghost habits. And when homeboy runs into her, humorous issues transpire. It’s simply develop into a operating joke amongst followers. When Lisa reveals up, stuff’s about to get cray-cray.

So now you recognize who Lisa is in Phasmaphobia. She is a streamer’s on-line ghost girlfriend and operating joke. And now when different gamers run into her, they’re having the identical form of insane interactions. Basically, Lisa haunts have gotten extremely wanted on this recreation. They have develop into their very own meme. Thusly, so has Lisa.

But she is clearly dedicated to Insym, and we fellow ghost hunters must respect that dynamic. True love is aware of no boundaries and is claimed to defy loss of life itself.

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