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Energy Drink Cans are an essential useful resource in Stray. The robots that inhabit town you’re exploring don’t want a lot, however they do at the least need power drink cans, which supplies you a solution to cut price with them. In this information, we are going to present you the place to search out them.

Where to search out Energy Drink Cans in Stray

When you first arrive within the city, you’ll meet the Guardian. Clad in a pink cloak and golden helmet, he seems to guard the machines who reside right here. If you head to the left of this mechanical Guardian and stroll down some stairs, you’ll discover some merchandising machines on the best.

One of them will likely be lit up, and you may work together with it. Doing so will trigger your cat to mash the buttons, and a can will fall out. You can then work together with the can, and B-12 will decide it up for you. After that, you have to to search out numerous different merchandising machines which can be hidden all through the sport. When you get a can from a merchandising machine, you will be unable to get another power drink cans from it.

You will be capable of commerce within the Energy Drink Cans on the vendor to the best of the Guardian as a way to get your palms on some essential gadgets.