Watch this Unreal Engine 5 video and inform us you are not determined for Bloodborne 2


If you’re like us, the concept of Bloodborne 2 has us dreaming of what a hypothetical sequel to the superb gothic motion RPG would seem like. What darkish corners of the world would we discover? What horrors would await us there? It’s sufficient to make an individual sick. Enter a not too long ago launched Unreal Engine 5 montage – which goals to additional discover the premise.

Uploaded to Youtube by Enfant Terrible, this video compiles a variety of Unreal Engine 5 initiatives from a variety of gifted creators, all of which lean into that darkish tone that helps make Bloodborne the beloved sport it’s as we speak.
Watch the fan trailer your self right here!

In it, we see rain-slicked streets, lavishly embellished mansions, ravaged and unkempt pathways and lofty spires reaching skyward. While often the video is a contact jarring as totally different artists’ works splice into one another, the video does make a great case for setting a possible Bloodborne 2 within the engine. Some of the initiatives highlighted actually do really feel as if you may drop a hunter with a noticed in hand proper onto it.

That being stated, some aren’t completely satisfied on the deserves of this trailer. One of probably the most preferred feedback on the video from person djbeema states: “Impressive work, but everything looks way too nice and clean, and it lacks any of the atmosphere of Bloodborne’s locations”. That criticism is appropriate after all – you can’t splice collectively totally different initiatives and count on to realize the identical tonal consistency the staff at From Software is so good at establishing.

If you want reminding on what Bloodborne seems like, give the unique trailer a watch!

That being stated, you’ll be able to’t watch this fanmade trailer and never see the enchantment. If nothing else, it acts as much more proof of the gaming communities’ starvation for extra Bloodborne. Let us know what you consider the trailer beneath, and whether or not you suppose Unreal Engine 5 is an efficient match for a hypothetical sequel.

If you’ve completed this text craving extra Bloodborne stuff, try this piece on an Elden Ring mod that provides the Bloodborne dodge to the sport, in addition to this function on how the spirit of Bloodborne lives on in Elden Ring.


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