USA Today Crossword September 11 2023 Answers


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USA Today Crossword September 11 2023 Answers:


Stitches 4 letters SEWS
Exfoliating product 5 letters SCRUB
Carmen Liu undergarment 3 letters BRA
Soothing gel 4 letters ALOE
It’s not a ___ Mom! 5 letters PHASE
Part of UAE 4 letters ARAB
Like a wet noodle 4 letters LIMP
Flaxen cloth 5 letters LINEN
Wordlessly agrees 4 letters NODS
Chew toy for infants 12 letters TEETHINGRING
Nifty! 4 letters NEAT
Absolute musts 5 letters NEEDS
Narrow cuts 5 letters SLITS
Hailed vehicle 3 letters CAB
Late passes and sales receipts 5 letters SLIPS
Obi-___ Kenobi 3 letters WAN
Easier to see in a crowd maybe 6 letters TALLER
I’ll get to work! 4 letters ONIT
. . . and I am being so serious 15 letters ITSNOTEVENFUNNY
Shawarma bread 4 letters PITA
Rum-based tiki bar cocktail 6 letters MAITAI
Slithery fish 3 letters EEL
The Penguin to Batman 5 letters ENEMY
ER essential workers 3 letters RNS
Like Loki and Thor 5 letters NORSE
Leaves out 5 letters OMITS
Button to transmit a text 4 letters SEND
People who are present 12 letters BUTTSINSEATS
Often-baked pasta 4 letters ZITI
The A of the ABC Islands 5 letters ARUBA
Perched on 4 letters ATOP
Zone 4 letters AREA
Twitch streamer often 5 letters GAMER
Painful brick to step on 4 letters LEGO
Potpie veggie 3 letters PEA
Overact 5 letters EMOTE
Future D.A.’s exam 4 letters LSAT
___-and-pepper hair 4 letters SALT
Political commentator Mystal 4 letters ELIE
Organization addressing gender disparity in modern education 11 letters WOMENINSTEM
One less than an octet 6 letters SEPTET
Divide evenly 5 letters SPLIT
Beard’s place 4 letters CHIN
___ true (sounded about right) 4 letters RANG
Person reading a manual 4 letters USER
African country home to Pendjari National Park 5 letters BENIN
Frat dude 3 letters BRO
Awesome! 3 letters RAD
Washboard muscles 3 letters ABS
On the Pulse of Morning poet Maya 7 letters ANGELOU
Absolutely must 5 letters HASTO
Super Mario Bros. 3 console 3 letters NES
Table-for-two occasions sometimes 11 letters DINNERDATES
Invertebrates lack them 6 letters SPINES
Make a choice on Tinder 5 letters SWIPE
Like many actors on Telemundo 6 letters LATINO
Good weather forecast for a beach day 5 letters CLEAR
Dancer/choreographer Ailey 5 letters ALVIN
Sugar-producing root vegetables 5 letters BEETS
Fashion 5 letters STYLE
Device in a convenience store 3 letters ATM
Messenger molecule 3 letters RNA
Southern African country named after a desert 7 letters NAMIBIA
Penalties for traffic violations 5 letters FINES
And you? in Spanish 3 letters YTU
Low tie 6 letters ONEALL
Platform for many performing arts 5 letters STAGE
Drum roll instrument 5 letters SNARE
Amusement park vehicle 4 letters TRAM
Sport whose highest rank is yokozuna 4 letters SUMO
Yeah sure buddy 4 letters IBET
Ancient Roman robe 4 letters TOGA
Giraffe marking 4 letters SPOT
Heat in the microwave 3 letters ZAP
Rage 3 letters IRE
Word after bubble or iced 3 letters TEA

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