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Group in the credits of a movie 4 letters TO EMIT
Country between Ghana and Benin 4 letters TO CARRY OUT
Future medical exam 4 letters. MCAT
Run ___ of (conflict with) 5 letters SICK
Singular form of Inuit 4 letters IN THE UNITED KINGDOM
Curved part of the foot 4 letters BOW
Minimum quantity 5 letters TRACE
Very close to 4 letters CLOSE
Fence entrance 4 letters GATE
Author of the poem Permissible 13 letters NIKKIGIOVANNI
hockey surface 3 letters ICE
Hockey headquarters 5 letters SAND
class 5 letters without challenges EASY ONE
Volleyball elbow pad 3 letters PAD
Suffix for Japan or Bhutan 3 letters THAT
feel bad for 6 letters pity
Part of a 4 letter infographic CONDITION
Purple color 7 letters MAGENTA
Chew like a rodent 5 letters gnaw
Shoulder to hip accessory 4 letters WAD OF BILLS
drink slowly 3 letters SIP
Baking tool that could be star shaped 12 letters COOKIE CUTTER
Less cooked 5 letters CRUDE
Odds ___. . . 3 letters ARE
Interior designer approach 5 letters DECOR
Gold in Spanish 3 letters Prayed
Beams in some security systems 6 letters TO BE
female horse 4 letters HORSE
Benedict Wong’s Doctor Strange character 4 letters WONG
org. provide medical care to tribal members 3 letters IHS
. . . with what I mean. . . 6 letters THAT’S IT
Nude 4 letters NAKED
Strategy to secure the laces 10 letters DOUBLE KNOT
Part of a ping pong table 3 letters NET
Currency in France and Spain 4 letters EURO
Zora ___ Hurston 5 letters NEALE
Physicians (Abbr.) 3 letters DRS
worry a while 4 letters STEW
rushed 4 letters SPEED
Metaphor of something irresistible 6 letters catnip
How Underdeveloped Europe ___ (book by Walter Rodney) 6 cards AFRICA
all wet 6 letters WET
___ on your shirt 4 letters FOLD
Less big 7 letters SMALLER
Tie score under 6 letters ONE ONE
Goiabada fruit 5 letters GUAVA
Vegetable gumbo 4 letters OKRA
Powerful businessman 7 letters MAGNATE
Dried cranberries 8 letters succulents
Talent show performance 3 letters ACT
Most common 3-letter word in English THE
Carrie Fisher’s Star Wars character 4 letters LEIA
Kitchen by-product 6 letters FAT
He made a sound like a horse 7 letters whinny
Alleged Himalayan creature 4 letters YETI
Urgent acronym 4 letters as soon as possible
A thing of the ___ 4 letters PAST
For old times’ ___ 4 letters REASON
Do a 5 letter twist TURN
soul___ 5 letters MATTER
bypass 8 letters AROUND
no surprise 8 letters IT IS NOT SURPRISING
Mm-hmm. . . 8 letters SURE SURE
Convert chips or shares into money 7 letters WITHDRAWAL
New versions of old movies 7 letters remakes
short dream 6 letters SNOOZE
Bird with orange plumage 6 letters ORIOLE
took a break 6 letters rested
Assistants 5 letters HELPERS
Missouri City for 3 short letters STL
___ me every time 4 letters GETS
female bird 3 letters CHICKEN
Archer’s item 3 letters BOW

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