Universal Crossword September 8 2023 Answers

You’re gonna need a bigger boat boat 4 letters ORCA Zipper alternative 4 letters SNAP Recipe units: Abbr. 4 letters TSPS Result of a monsoon 5 letters FLOOD Trendy veggie 4 letters KALE 60 minutos 4 letters HORA *Actor who plays Anakin Skywalker’s grandson 10 letters ADAMDRIVER Still a contender 4 letters INIT Like an owl in a simile 4 letters WISE Affirmative vote 3 letters YEA Same here! 5 letters ASAMI Tennis court need 3 letters NET *Hot rod? 11 letters CURLINGIRON Anti-vaping ad for one 3 letters PSA Runs out of juice 4 letters DIES All ___! (conductor’s cry) 6 letters ABOARD Guardians on an A.L. scoreboard 3 letters CLE Petty criticisms 4 letters NITS Expected result … or what the ends of the starred clues’ answers help you achieve (on a good day) 15 letters PARFORTHECOURSE Don’t ___ the bear 4 letters POKE Sushi tuna 3 letters AHI Lure into trouble 6 letters ENTRAP Maui’s ___ Highway 4 letters HANA CBS forensic series 3 letters CSI *French fry alternative 11 letters POTATOWEDGE Light brown 3 letters TAN ___ and beyond 5 letters ABOVE Miss Saigon star Salonga 3 letters LEA Fast animal of fable fame 4 letters HARE A few 4 letters SOME *Olympian who throws a heavy ball 10 letters SHOTPUTTER Typical high schooler 4 letters TEEN It springs eternal 4 letters HOPE Formally edit 5 letters AMEND Final sale term 4 letters ASIS Penultimate word in a fairy tale 4 letters EVER Frozen queen 4 letters ELSA An ___ but a goodie 5 letters OLDIE Meat served with crackling perhaps 9 letters ROASTPORK Command to a wandering dog 4 letters COME Total up 3 letters ADD One on a slippery slope? 5 letters SKIER Like a battle in Master and Commander 5 letters NAVAL Pub drink 3 letters ALE Part of RPM 3 letters PER I don’t believe it! 10 letters THISISNUTS Submarine detector 5 letters SONAR Top-notch 5 letters PRIMO Smooth fabric 5 letters SATIN Baby deer 4 letters FAWN Street Fighter protagonist 3 letters RYU What birthday candles signify 3 letters AGE Nickname that drops line or lyn 4 letters CARO Inactive 4 letters IDLE Sibling’s daughter 5 letters NIECE Sanctuaries 10 letters SAFEHAVENS Phone download 3 letters APP Chinese steamed bun 3 letters BAO Pipe cleaner 5 letters DRANO Feng shui force 3 letters CHI Aggravates 9 letters IRRITATES Airport screeners’ org. 3 letters TSA Month before Oct. 3 letters SEP Defrost 4 letters THAW First word in a fairy tale 4 letters ONCE Enjoyed tahdig or tacos 3 letters ATE ___ puttanesca 5 letters PASTA Clarinet cousins 5 letters OBOES Marisa who played Mona Lisa Vito in My Cousin Vinny 5 letters TOMEI Get married at city hall say 5 letters ELOPE Stave off 5 letters DETER Generation ___ 3 letters GAP Hunger Games setting 5 letters ARENA Big-time enthusiast 4 letters NERD Web code letters 4 letters HTML Pronoun at the start of Killer Queen 3 letters SHE Carpool lane abbr. 3 letters HOV Persian Gulf country for short 3 letters UAE

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