Universal Crossword September 13 2023 Answers

You are here probably to find: Universal Crossword September 13 2023 Answers. We recommend our visitors to play and bring their free time solving crossword puzzles, because it helps strengthen our memory.

Set of choices on a computer 4 letters MENU
Painting or pottery 3 letters ART
Judge of baseball? 5 letters AARON
CPR pro 3 letters EMT
A sharp or E flat 11 letters MUSICALNOTE
Regret 3 letters RUE
Sagging 6 letters DROOPY
Make a sweater perhaps 4 letters KNIT
Mess up 3 letters ERR
Red wine astringent 6 letters TANNIN
Back talk 4 letters SASS
Bride at her reception 4 letters WIFE
Garfield’s housemate 4 letters ODIE
Arizona landform or city 4 letters MESA
Faith founded in Persia 5 letters BAHAI
Lead-in to X Y or Z 3 letters GEN
Sleazy newspaper 3 letters RAG
Guilt-ridden 7 letters ASHAMED
Unemotional 6 letters STOLID
Money City Maniacs band 5 letters SLOAN
Hairy Tibetan beast 3 letters YAK
Hype campaign 10 letters MEDIABLITZ
Bikini e.g. 5 letters ATOLL
Desert caravan animal 5 letters CAMEL
Charged particles 4 letters IONS
Infection fighters 6 letters TCELLS
Hunting gear familiarly 5 letters CAMOS
Pizzeria fixture 4 letters OVEN
Papier-mache need 4 letters GLUE
Beer ingredient 4 letters HOPS
My turn! 4 letters IMUP
Digital storage locale 10 letters DATACENTER
Ontario canal that becomes the world’s largest skating rink 6 letters RIDEAU
Strike a ___ (resonate) 5 letters CHORD
Singer who has a fish in the Orinoco named after her 4 letters ENYA
Multilayered 4 letters DEEP
Bar mitzvah boy just barely 4 letters TEEN
Disperse as a crowd 4 letters THIN
Warning 7 letters CAUTION
Leno’s late-night predecessor 6 letters CARSON
Taken by mouth 4 letters ORAL
Slangy summons 5 letters CMERE
Madagascar primate 5 letters LEMUR
Ozark actress Linney 5 letters LAURA
Pulls hard 5 letters YANKS
Novelist Jaffe 4 letters RONA
Elevator maker 4 letters OTIS
Butterfly catchers 4 letters NETS
Summer hrs. in Calgary 3 letters MDT
Inflation meas. 3 letters CPI
Author Rand 3 letters AYN

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