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You are probably here to find: Universal Crossword November 20, 2022 Answers. We recommend our visitors to play and take advantage of their free time solving crossword puzzles, as it helps to strengthen our memory.

Account in a series of unfortunate events 4 letters Olaf
You haven’t ___ a day! 4 letters AGED
guess wild 4 letters STAB
Hotel room costs 4 letters SPEED
campaign sign sites 5 letters LAWNS
Tempo 4 letters SWING
Curb appeal of the property 10 letters OUTSIDE APPEAL
KALLAX seller shelf 4 letters IKEA
Years and years ___ … 3 letters BEHIND
Greek X 3 letters CHI
Like Kevin Jonas among his brothers 6 letters OLDER
Pleasantly succinct 13 letters SHORT AND SWEET
Concert souvenir 4 letters HEEL
One can tip in a salon 9 letters COWBOY HAT
Biomedical Research Funder: Abbr. 3 letters NIH
Greek T 3 letters TAU
lure shop 4 letters REDUCTION
Porous cleaning supplies 7 letters SPONGES
Said hello to 7 letters greeted
Ellipse dots 4 letters spotlights
Kanga’s boy 3 letters ROO
Author Anais 3 letters LITTLE BOY
People who are easy to read correctly 9 letters OPEN BOOKS
Former resident of the Grand Kremlin Palace 4 letters CZAR
How to spray Silly String on Mobile 13 letters AGAINST THE LAW
Wait a second… 6 letters HOLD ON
miner stuff 3 letters MINERAL
J to ___ LO! The Remixes (2002 album) 3 lyrics that
___ mater 4 letters SOUL
Canal covers in winter? 10 letters EAR WARMERS
Only at the prom 4 letters DEER
glow 5 letters BRIGHTNESS
The 4 letters of the nanny GOLF CLUB
Sour beer ingredient 4 letters HOP
studs in 4 letters ADD
Namesake of the largest tennis stadium in the world 4 letters ASHE
Whales in some indigenous art of the Pacific Northwest 5 letters KILLER WHALES
laughs 6 letters laughs
Essentially 6 letters ATROOT
Black History Month in the USA 3 letters FEB
Greek A 5 letters ALPHA
SF based clothing company 6 letters GAPINC
Ram’s Mate 3 letters EWE
I just took a test for ___… (Lizzo) 3 letters dna
Supernatural ability to detect imminent danger 11 letters spider sense
Ha! 8 letters TAKE THAT
Cards that can be worth 11 4 letters aces
No ___ around the bush 4 letters DEFEAT
Gradual buildup of anger 8 letters SLOW FIRE
Strike a power pose, say 6 letters GREAT
zodiac lion 3 letters LION
Results of compromising a little in comedy 11 letters RECURRING JOKES
Ellipsis point 3 letters POINT
Free stuff at a convention 4 letters STYLE
Pale or blonde drink 3 letters ENGLISH BEER
___ Lasso 3 letters from Apple TV+ TED
Leading women? 8 letters HEROINES
Alternative to OAK and SJC 3 letters OFS
Gender for Taylor Swift 3 letters POP
Aid to naval navigation 8 letters OCEAN MAP
anytime now 4 letters EARLY
Undecided choice 6 letters EITHER
Approve 3 letters okay
Xiao long ___ (soup dumpling) 3 letters BEAM
Placed in the upper compartment 6 letters STORED
Adjust the 6 letter setting ALTERATIONS
Very Enthusiastic 6 letters RAHRAH
___ pride flag (light blue pink and white symbol) 5 letters TRANS
Haste result in a 5 letter adage. WASTE
scrambled breakfast 4 letters HASH
Midrange voice 4 letters TALL
Eureka! 3 letters AHA
___ velvet cake 3 letters RED
degree for many executives 3 letters Masters of Business Administration


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