Universal Crossword November 12 2023 Answers


You are here probably to find: Universal Crossword November 12 2023 Answers. We recommend our visitors to play and bring their free time solving crossword puzzles, because it helps strengthen our memory.

Fedoras berets etc. 4 letters HATS
Word after price or phone 3 letters TAG
Tennis great Arthur 4 letters ASHE
Oh crud! 4 letters DRAT
Argue against 5 letters REBUT
Unaccounted for in military lingo 4 letters AWOL
Stay tuned! 10 letters MORETOCOME
Volleyball game subdivisions 4 letters SETS
We all make mistakes OK?! 11 letters IMONLYHUMAN
Org. that regulates pesticides 3 letters EPA
Palindromic flour used to make naan 4 letters ATTA
Pigs’ home 3 letters STY
This in Spanish 4 letters ESTO
Bro or sis 3 letters SIB
Latte art pro 7 letters BARISTA
ID whose first three numbers cannot be 666 3 letters SSN
Single guy’s home 11 letters BACHELORPAD
Dog’s sound 4 letters WOOF
Scheming group 5 letters CABAL
Greek I 4 letters IOTA
Yes! Thanks for thinking of me! 11 letters IDBEHONORED
Male turkey 3 letters TOM
Decorative wreath 7 letters GARLAND
Dog’s sound 3 letters YIP
The writing is on the ___ 4 letters WALL
Uh-huh 3 letters YEP
Fix as a broken heart 4 letters MEND
Singer-songwriter Ella 3 letters MAI
Sport whose balls are used for beer pong 11 letters TABLETENNIS
Volcano in Sicily 4 letters ETNA
Lost it in public 10 letters MADEASCENE
Casual tops 4 letters TEES
Gets ready informally 5 letters PREPS
Notion 4 letters IDEA
Sets an alarm for 7 p.m. instead of 7 a.m. say 4 letters ERRS
r u ___? (rly?) 3 letters SRS
Put on the housing market 4 letters LIST
TV cable letters 4 letters HDMI
Smell of fresh banana bread e.g. 5 letters AROMA
Deck with Minor Arcana 5 letters TAROT
Artery openers 6 letters STENTS
Nail ___ (salon workers informally) 5 letters TECHS
I don’t know ___ you but I’m feeling 22 (Taylor Swift lyric) 5 letters ABOUT
Chewy treat shaped like an animal 9 letters GUMMYBEAR
Batteries for a Wii Remote 3 letters AAS
Optimal thing to hit 9 letters SWEETSPOT
Children’s game with fast-paced tossing 9 letters HOTPOTATO
Disney queen who ruled Arendelle 4 letters ELSA
Succession family name 3 letters ROY
Afternoon brew 3 letters TEA
Congresswoman Rashida 5 letters TLAIB
Infamous Roman emperor 4 letters NERO
Assistant that might read your iMessages 4 letters SIRI
Savory donut topping 5 letters BACON
Strike zone? 5 letters ALLEY
Singer Levine 4 letters ADAM
Big gulp 4 letters SWIG
Sparkling mixer 9 letters SODAWATER
Resolution made with resolution 9 letters NOBRAINER
100 Grand and PayDay 9 letters CANDYBARS
Succession channel 3 letters HBO
Tumbled 4 letters FELL
Stop suddenly 4 letters HALT
They’re twice as valuable as nickels 5 letters DIMES
Lead writer? 6 letters PENCIL
Wise community member 5 letters ELDER
Takes a furtive look 5 letters PEEPS
Author Okorafor 5 letters NNEDI
Wines and ___ 5 letters DINES
Dole (out) 4 letters METE
Electric guitar accessory 3 letters AMP
Instructors who are often grad students 3 letters TAS
Is this ___ taken? 4 letters SEAT
Stubborn animal 3 letters ASS


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