Universal Crossword May 24 2023 Answers


You are probably here to find: Universal Crossword May 24, 2023 Answers. We recommend our visitors to play and take advantage of their free time solving crossword puzzles, as it helps to strengthen our memory.

Slushie vehicles 4 letters CAB
Spider silk traps 4 letters WEBSITE
___ the ante 5 letters IMPROVED
Aqueous color 4 letters WATER
Additive for baby wipes 4 letters ALOE
big back tooth 5 letters COOL
First grade math test answer 4 letters sums
Walk through 4 letters WANDER
Social equals 5 letters COLLEAGUES
Fugees De La Soul or Naughty By Nature 10 letters hippoptrium
___ and cheese 3 letters MAC
U-turn from WSW 3 letters IS
Preowned 4 letters USED
It is a pity . . . 6 letters IT’S SAD
What is the ___ that could happen? 5 letters WORST
World Cup joy 3 letters OLD
Picturesque lodging 3 letters INN
Tax agency. 3 letters IRS
mystical glow 4 letters AURA
Secret contract 3 letters NDA
Film series by Robert Rodríguez that follows El Mariachi 13 letters MEXICOTRILOGY
Tyrannosaurus ___ 3 letters REX
Unit of mass in European cookbooks 4 letters GRAM
spirit martini 3 letters GENEVA
And so on (Abbr.) 3 letters ETC
she/___ 3 letters HIS
Catch those guys! 5 letters GET EM
Frozen treat that can be garnished with strawberries 6 letters PALLETTE
inscribe 4 letters ETCH
___ are we having fun yet? 3 letters ARE
3 letters are expected to arrive EARRING
CEG chord in musical notation 10 letters MAJORITY
Spanish for father 5 letters CHAPLAIN
Second try 4 letters REDO
frozen queen 4 letters elsa
I had leftovers eg 5 letters ATEIN
revered figure 4 letters ICON
Citrus peel 4 letters PEEL
He walked in a shallow pool 5 letters waded
Craft website 4 letters etsy
May the ___ always be in your favor 4 letters ODD
Nut used in some vegan cheeses 6 letters CASHEW
Former Philippine President Heart 6 Letters NOT HERE
___-a-___ traffic 6 letters BUMPER
Drag Contest Accessory 4 Letters WAD OF BILLS
Travel through a pipe like the letters of Mario 5 DEFORMATIONS
Corn on a stick with cheese and cream 5 letters CORN
Part of a 5 letter chess game BOARD
Eighteen wheels 4 letters SEMI
Softball ref 3 letters UMP
Yalie Kamara Works 5 Letters POEMS
lovely 8 letters PLEASANT
Deliciously sweet music 8 lyrics CANDY
3 letters of RN’s co-workers DRS
Without exception 8 letters TOTAL
Drilling rig 6 letters OIL RIG
Small candle in metal glass 8 letters I LIGHT YOU
Genetic molecule 3 letters dna
Number at the bottom of a clock 3 letters SIX
his and my 3 letters OUR
Slasher Franchise Starring Courteney Cox In Every Movie 6 Cards SHOUT
ATM 3 letters ATM
Information about information 8 letters METADATA
omitted 8 letters EXCLUDED
Boating tool 3 letters ROWING
binary code bit 3 letters ONE
Simple squat, for example, 3 letters REP
Followed in pursuit 6 letters WITH TAIL
Erasing a blackboard 6 letters ERASED
Olympic awards 6 letters MEDALS
5 creepy letters MYSTERIOUS
Blu-ray player button 5 letters EXPEL
Tasks in a task list 5 letters ALL
The villain’s friend 5 letters CRONY
Songversation artist India.___ 4 letters ARIE
Car seized 4 letters REPO
A dog can offer it for a milkshake 3 letters PAW
___ on a positive note 3 letters END


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