Universal Crossword August 7 2023 Answers


You are here probably to find: Universal Crossword August 7 2023 Answers. We recommend our visitors to play and bring their free time solving crossword puzzles, because it helps strengthen our memory.

First person? 4 letters ADAM
Winter layers 5 letters COATS
___ Don’t Lie (Shakira song) 4 letters HIPS
Noted name in video games 4 letters SEGA
Stan’s comedy partner 5 letters OLLIE
Tackling a task 4 letters ONIT
Snow coaster 4 letters SLED
Knock on 5 letters RAPAT
Set of six bowled balls in cricket 4 letters OVER
Seek a seat (In this answer note the first letter + the last 3 letters) 12 letters RUNFOROFFICE
Cookbook ingredient? 6 letters RECIPE
Santa ___ California 3 letters ANA
Golfer’s starting point 3 letters TEE
Aspiring minimalist’s event perhaps (… first 2 letters + last 2) 8 letters YARDSALE
Author Hemingway 6 letters ERNEST
Landing guess at PHL 3 letters ETA
Get even for 6 letters AVENGE
Simplify something (… first 2 letters + last 3) 11 letters BREAKITDOWN
Notice 6 letters DETECT
Musical acumen 3 letters EAR
Pour out 6 letters DECANT
Way off (… first 2 letters + last 4) 8 letters TURNLANE
Period in history 3 letters ERA
Response to Are you? 3 letters IAM
Great Greek geometer 6 letters EUCLID
Planning to attend a university and a theme hint 12 letters COLLEGEBOUND
Do nothing 4 letters IDLE
Clickable images 5 letters ICONS
Journey for Journey say 4 letters TOUR
Sample product 4 letters DEMO
___ or reason (good sense) 5 letters RHYME
Credit card option 4 letters VISA
Shangri-La 4 letters EDEN
Surgically zapped 5 letters LASED
Close with a bang 4 letters SLAM
Beast that brays 3 letters ASS
Ctrl-Alt-___ 3 letters DEL
Census datum 3 letters AGE
Capital of Spain 6 letters MADRID
Transparent membrane in the eye 6 letters CORNEA
Snowman in Frozen 4 letters OLAF
Pet food brand 4 letters ALPO
Headwear for Miss World 5 letters TIARA
Put upright 8 letters SETONEND
Place for a horseshoe 4 letters HOOF
Ask to a wedding say 6 letters INVITE
Rook and bishop 6 letters PIECES
Line on a map 6 letters STREET
Good periods 3 letters UPS
Wells ___ (financial services company) 5 letters FARGO
Bread variety 3 letters RYE
Take in 3 letters EAT
Cancer’s zodiac animal 4 letters CRAB
Michigan or Ontario 4 letters LAKE
Boot out as a tenant 5 letters EVICT
Just unboxed 3 letters NEW
Caesar’s censure 4 letters ETTU
Nutrition stat 3 letters RDA
___ meenie miney mo 5 letters EENIE
Well done kid! 8 letters ATTAGIRL
Legal scholar Katyal 4 letters NEAL
DiFranco of folk 3 letters ANI
First color in a rainbow 3 letters RED
Choose 6 letters DECIDE
Ate away 6 letters ERODED
Phone line? 6 letters CALLME
Didn’t just throw out 6 letters REUSED
Woman in a convent 3 letters NUN
Sports bar attractions 6 letters LCDTVS
Anime genre featuring humanoid robots 5 letters MECHA
Exodus author Uris 4 letters LEON
Lads 4 letters BOYS
Generous declaration at a bar 4 letters ONME
Olive product 3 letters OIL
Democracy since 1776 for short 3 letters USA
Aries animal 3 letters RAM


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