Universal Crossword August 5 2023 Answers

You are here probably to find: Universal Crossword August 5 2023 Answers. We recommend our visitors to play and bring their free time solving crossword puzzles, because it helps strengthen our memory.

Each 4 letters APOP
Change chemically 5 letters REACT
Forensic TV franchise 3 letters CSI
Oscar Mayer’s wiener song for one 11 letters RADIOJINGLE
Elect (to) 3 letters OPT
Break a leg! 11 letters KNOCKEMDEAD
Part of a basketball hoop 3 letters NET
___ of Magellan 6 letters STRAIT
Voting rights activist Abrams 6 letters STACEY
Tone in old photos 5 letters SEPIA
Looked bad in comparison 5 letters PALED
Unconscious ___ 4 letters BIAS
Lang. from which Deaf Power can be transliterated as <o/ 3 letters ASL
Homemade Dynamite singer 5 letters LORDE
Yeah … zero chance! 4 letters UMNO
Short video 4 letters CLIP
Key pad maker? 5 letters KOTEX
Acquired 3 letters GOT
She sings Timber 5 letters KESHA
I don’t need to know all that 3 letters TMI
Mario’s twin 5 letters LUIGI
___ the pot 4 letters STIR
Biz bigwigs 4 letters CEOS
Work values collectively 5 letters ETHIC
Superlative ending 3 letters EST
Payment to a landlord 4 letters RENT
Queenly 5 letters REGAL
Heavy horned herbivore 5 letters RHINO
San ___ (country surrounded by Italy) 6 letters MARINO
Ancient Greek poet who inspired the term lesbian 6 letters SAPPHO
Bigheadedness 3 letters EGO
Taylor Swift show series with songs from 10 different albums 11 letters THEERASTOUR
Gosh! 3 letters GEE
They’re used to water flowers 11 letters GARDENHOSES
About 25% of an NFL broadcast 3 letters ADS
Outdo 5 letters ONEUP
Money in Manila 4 letters PESO
Torah holders 4 letters ARKS
Huff and puff 4 letters PANT
Stinky tofu characteristic 4 letters ODOR
Painter with a Blue Period 7 letters PICASSO
Part of a basketball hoop 3 letters RIM
Word before game or point 3 letters END
Number in a dating profile 3 letters AGE
Jewelry fastener 5 letters CLASP
Presentation given on a red circular carpet 7 letters TEDTALK
Bit of merch from 58-Across 10 letters CONCERTTEE
No slowpoke 10 letters SPEEDDEMON
Wee cutely 4 letters ITTY
___ dokie! 4 letters OKIE
Back up device? 7 letters JETPACK
Indian menu word hidden in vindaloos 4 letters ALOO
Archipelago makeup 5 letters ISLES
People person? 7 letters ALISTER
Daily ___ (Spider-Man newspaper) 5 letters BUGLE
Utterance equivalent to an angry-face emoji 10 letters IMOUTRAGED
Problematic protagonists perhaps 10 letters ANTIHEROES
Be 5 letters EXIST
Send a malicious link say 5 letters PHISH
Jeweler or ceramicist 7 letters ARTISAN
Supermodel Hadid 4 letters GIGI
Regretful response to an invitation 7 letters ICANTGO
Half a tank? 7 letters CROPTOP
Mean Girls actress Lindsay 5 letters LOHAN
A Beautiful Mind mathematician John 4 letters NASH
Prefix meaning 1000000 4 letters MEGA
FX show about drag ball culture 4 letters POSE
Magenta and maroon 4 letters HUES
… ish 4 letters ORSO
Prior to in poetry 3 letters ERE
Academic URL ending 3 letters EDU
Single exercise 3 letters REP

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