The newest large factor within the Destiny 2 neighborhood? Who Wants to Be a Millionaire.


If you’ve been hanging across the Destiny 2 subreddit over the previous few days, you could have seen the most recent factor taking the neighborhood by storm. This time round, everybody’s acquired their pondering hats on as they attempt to decide the result of PvP situations in “Who Wants to Be a Glimmillionaire”.

This, after all, is a play on the well-known sport present Who Wants to Be a Millionaire, the place a query and 4 potential solutions are introduced to contestants within the hopes they’ll work out the right possibility. In this newfound Destiny 2 model, the neighborhood has had to check out a weird or ambiguous PvP state of affairs and decide what the result might be.

Check out the trailer for Season of the Haunted right here!

This all comes from the thoughts of Reddit consumer No_Consequence_9647, a longtime Bungie fan who has been invested within the collection because the unique Destiny. With the sci-fi FPS as their most important sport ever since they acquired their arms on it, No_Consequence began creating gaming associated YouTube content material alongside one other good friend they met 16 years in the past.

Ramping up their inventive output throughout COVID by means of quick gaming-related movies, the talents they’ve gained had been put into use just a few days in the past with the premier of Who Wants to be a Glimmillionaire. No_Consequence tells us by means of through DM: “ I had the idea for a while now to make a quiz type video for my shorts. And the other day I had a video that fitted perfectly. So I then started thinking of how to visualise it [in a way that] would be recognized around the world. And when looking up some different quizzes WWTBAM popped up and knew that was gonna be it.”

Unlike the unique present, which was principally a severe sport present excluding jokes made by presenters, Who Wants to Be a Glimmillionaire is created with a comedic tone in thoughts. All the clips used up to now showcase funnier elements of Destiny 2 PvP – and the accessible solutions mirror the chaotic nature of the sport’s aggressive atmosphere. “I feel like these days people take gaming way too seriously and fun isn’t even a part of it anymore.” No_Consequence writes. “Forcing themselves to grind and do things they kinda don’t want to do. So this is my way of showing who I am as a person and that games should be enjoyed.”

fan-made who wants to be a millionaire in Destiny 2
I’m not ashamed to confess that I acquired this unsuitable.

Despite being a content material creator for the sport and an avid fan of the collection, No_Consequence isn’t truly a fan of latest modifications to the PvP facet of the sport. “I play everything but I’m more of a PvP main and I’m not a huge fan of the latest changes. Especially the in-air accuracy [changes] – those are a step back as I see it. But I understand the changes and wonder what direction they will be going in in the future. There are a lot of changes that do benefit the game so I’ll be here waiting.”

When it involves PvE, their outlook takes a extra optimistic flip: “I’m loving the duality dungeon and trying to solo it is awesome. The changes to solar are insane too. Seeing all those new builds and possibilities, just like with void 3.0 and stasis, and hopefully arc 3.0 too, are just so satisfying to watch.”

With solely two entries into the video collection presently on Reddit, they’ve been acquired with overwhelming positivity by the web neighborhood. “My reaction to the mostly positive feedback is always great. I love hearing people enjoy my stupid videos. I’ve had some videos blow up on Reddit and everytime I appreciate it so much when they let me know the enjoyed it, and when I can I actually thank everyone, especially the ones who pay to thank my by sending medals.”

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