The DioField Chronicle: How To Play As Fredret


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The DioField Chronicle is Square Enix’s newest foray into the world of technique RPGs, however this time they’ve added slightly twist. Instead of turn-based fight, you’ll management your models in real-time as they combat their approach throughout quite a lot of diorama-style battlefields. One of those models, Fredret, is each a core member of the sport’s story and a whiz at controlling enemy positions throughout battles. He’s a significant a part of the workforce, and it’s vital to know easy methods to use him correctly.

How To Play As Fredret

Fredret is a Cavalier unit, which suggests he spends his complete time in battle on horseback. His horse is simply as a lot part of his unit as he’s, factoring into his motion velocity and several other of his abilities. This makes him a robust vanguard unit that may rush enemies, preserving them on the again foot whereas the remainder of the get together takes up advantageous positions.

Fredret has a variety of abilities that allow him to manage the movement of battle, shifting enemy positions and lining them up for devastating follow-up assaults. Horse Kick is a good talent for grabbing distant sharpshooters and dragging them into the center of the battlefield the place somebody like Andrias can decide them off. Vicious Strike is superb for grouping enemies collectively so models like Iscarion or Waltaquin can hit them with area-of-effect assaults. And Mounted Charge can push enemies proper into traps like Rickenback’s Trap Caster talent or explosive barrels.

Fredret’s talents additionally make him an honest harm seller, and his huge well being pool permits him to perform as a de facto tank. Balancing his talents is vital to maximizing his harm output, and lots of of them are tied to his well being. Unlock Calm and Collected, Strong Constitution, and Physical Protection to offer Fredret a hefty assault energy enhance and make sure that his well being stays full for your complete battle.

To actually get essentially the most out of Fredret, preserve a healer close by always. This is not going to solely guarantee he stays wholesome, but it surely additionally offers him somebody to juggle enemies with must you resolve to separate your get together up. It’s additionally price investing Skill Points into the Cavalier tree early on, as Fredret doesn’t have a very massive power level pool to attract from.

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a battle menu that's paused on a figure riding an armor plated horse. a list of available attacks are listed on the left hand side of the screen, and a video demonstration of the selected ability plays on the right. along the bottom are four character portraits with green health bars below them.
Screenshot by way of Square Enix
Mounted Charge Deal harm to enemies within the goal space and knock them again.
Full Frontal Assault Move to the particular level, dealing harm to enemies en route.
Furious Flurry Deal harm to enemies within the goal space.
Vicious Swing Deal harm to enemies within the goal space and transfer them in entrance of the unit.
Horse Kick Deal harm to an enemy and swap positions with them.
Lance Strike Deal harm to enemies within the goal space. Sharpshooters take additional harm.


HP Boost Increases HP
Insult to Injury 30% harm improve to targets with standing results.
Calm and Collected Increases harm dealt by 50% when HP is 100% or extra.
Magicker Killer Deals 1.2x harm to magicker unit kind.
Physical Protection 100% likelihood that HP Healing Fragments are dropped when an enemy is defeated.
Relapse Increases the period of the goal’s standing results by 3 seconds when utilizing a talent.
Absolute Focus Increases harm by 50% when a goal space talent solely hits 1 goal.
Strong Constitution Increases the consequences of therapeutic obtained.
Royal Disposition Increases harm dealt by all allies by 20%.

The DioField Chronicle is obtainable now for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, Xbox, and PC.

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