Tears of the Kingdom isn’t on Wii U, but this person lets us pretend it is anyway


The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is definitely not on the Wii U, although one player has shared his absolutely unsuspecting copy of the game on Nintendo’s old console.

Like Twilight Princess before it, Breath of the Wild was a cross-platform release, being available on both the ill-fated Wii U and the monumentally more successful Nintendo Switch. That’s because the game was designed for the predecessor of the Switch, technically speaking, it even has the unique feature of being able to look at the map and other things on the gamepad. Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, on the other hand, was not designed for the Wii U at all; however, a player has mysteriously shown off his copy on console on Reddit.

Okay, okay, they obviously made a custom piece of the skin using the Tears of the Kingdom Switch skin, and stuffed it inside a Wii U case (nothing like that sky blue plastic, hey). Unfortunately, at least one commenter was fooled into thinking it’s real, but I can assure you it’s not; The print quality isn’t that great on the sheet of paper if you zoom in anyway, but if you don’t look too closely, it’s pretty convincing.

[TOTK] I just got a copy! 🥳
by u/luketheduke43 in Zelda

While everyone jokes about games barely running on the Switch, Tears of the Kingdom generally holds its own on the hybrid console, an impressive feat given its absolutely massive size. It’s that size that makes it questionable on the Wii U, but obviously it never will, as that thing is as dead as a dodo, especially with the eShop shutting down.

That massive world can be a bit intimidating though, so if you’re not sure where to go first, here’s a guide to help. We even have a Skyview Tower Locations Guide so you can see where you’re going!


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