Stardew valley artwork
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Stardew Valley is an open-ended country-life simulation role-playing recreation that gives a way more laid-back environment in comparison with different RPGs. Instead of getting to slay large monsters and filter creepy dungeons, gamers will merely must handle their grandfather’s previous farm and start a brand new life.

It’s a healthful recreation that takes place in a sleepy city stuffed with fascinating characters (in addition to potential suitors), every with their very own distinctive story to inform. Since the sport focuses so closely in your relationship with these people, we thought it might be a good suggestion to create a Stardew Valley tier checklist rating the entire greatest characters within the recreation.

Stardew Valley Characters Tier List (July 2022)

Obviously, each character in Stardew Valley is totally completely different and affords a definite component to the sport, which makes lists like this relatively subjective. That being stated, we have now ranked every of the next characters based mostly off issues like their respective story or background, how simple it’s to construct relationships with them, the items you possibly can obtain from stated character in addition to their morality throughout the recreation.

Without additional ado, right here’s our Stardew Valley characters tier checklist:

S Tier Characters

  • Evelyn (Community Garden)
  • Leah (Artist)
  • Linus (N/A)
  • Robin (Carpenter)
  • Wizard (Wizard)

A Tier Characters

  • Elliot (Writer)
  • Krobus (Merchant)
  • Penny (N/A)
  • Sam (JojaMart)
  • Sebastian (Freelance Programmer)
  • Willy (Fisherman)

B Tier Characters

  • Gunther (Archaeologist)
  • Harvey (Doctor)
  • Jas (N/A)
  • Jodi (N/A)
  • Kent (Former Soldier)
  • Marlon (Merchant)
  • Sandy (Shop Owner/Clerk)

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C Tier Characters

  • Abigail (N/A)
  • Emily (Stardrop Saloon)
  • Gil (N/A)
  • Gus (Bartender)
  • Maru (Nurse/Shop Clerk)
  • Mr. Qi (Casino Owner)
  • Shane (JojaMart – Stock Clerk)

D Tier Characters

  • Bouncer (Bouncer)
  • Dwarf (Merchant)
  • George (N/A)
  • Grandpa (Former Farmer)
  • Leo (N/A)
  • Pam (Bus Driver)
  • Vincent (N/A)

E Tier Characters

  • Alex (N/A)
  • Birdie (N/A)
  • Carolina (N/A)
  • Clint (Blacksmith)
  • Governor (Governor)
  • Haley (N/A)
  • Marnie (Farmer/Merchant)

F Tier Characters

  • Demetrius (Scientist)
  • Lewis (Mayor)
  • Morris (JojaMart Customer Associate)
  • Pierre (Shop Owner/Clerk)

That concludes our formally Stardew Valley tier checklist rating the entire greatest characters within the recreation. Before you go, remember to try a few of our different Stardew Valley content material right here at Gamer Journalist. Like the way to catch Sandfish or the perfect world seeds to make use of in Stardew Valley.