Return to Monkey Island: How To Finish The Potion On LeChuck’s Ship


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Return to Monkey Island units out to inform the story of how Guybrush Threepwood lastly found the Secret of Monkey Island, however he’ll want to beat a number of obstacles to succeed in his aim. One of those obstacles is brewing a potion that permits a ship to succeed in the fabled island. LeChuck has already collected many of the elements, however the concoction continues to be lacking one important ingredient.

How To Finish the Potion

a narrow room at the bottom of a wooden ship. ghostly chickens nest on perches along the walls. a zombie Guybrush stands in front of a crate with a small skull on top. text over the skull reads
Screenshot through Terrible Toybox

Putra, LeChuck’s cook dinner, has ready the potion in a cauldron on the primary deck of LeChuck’s ship. She mentions all of the elements they’ve already assembled within the brew, together with squid ink and monkey’s blood. Only one remaining piece is lacking to finish the potion: a flattened cranium. The remainder of the crew are busy with their very own jobs, so Quartermaster Rose duties a disguised Guybrush with discovering the cranium.

You’ll first want to seek out the cranium, so head again all the way down to the maintain the place Gullet had you swabbing the deck. If you attempt to undergo the decrease deck, Gullet with catch you and throw you into the maintain himself. Alternatively, you possibly can climb again over the aspect of the ship and sneak again in by way of the greased-up window. Open the crate within the maintain to seek out Murray the demon cranium.

Flatten Murray

a flattened skull being held up by a zombie hand wearing a blue coat with a brown cuff. the backdrop is red
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Murray has stowed away on LeChuck’s ship to spy on the ghost-zombie pirate for Captain Madison, and he’s ticked that you simply’ve revealed his hiding spot. You can both persuade him to return together with you, or you possibly can simply take him towards his will.

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Once you’ve acquired Murray in your stock, get to the decrease deck by the use of the primary deck and strategy the laundry press to the appropriate of the ramp. Open your stock and drag Murray over to the laundry press. With a fast apology, Guybrush will run Murray by way of the press, successfully flattening him.

Go again to the potion on the primary deck of the ship and throw Murray in to finish the potion. Once you do, Gullet will storm the deck in anger and spill the potion, initiating the following puzzle. Make certain to choose up Murray, as you’ll want him to resolve the following a part of Chapter 2.

Return to Monkey Island is offered now for the Nintendo Switch and Steam.


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