Radahn’s scrawny horse is the important thing to how this boss lands in your ass each time in Elden Ring


There are many, many spectacular moments in Elden Ring boss fights – and actually a lot of FromSoftware’s latest work. But the Starscourge Radahn boss struggle particularly stands out resulting from its sheer scale, uncommon setup, and that one transfer that alerts the start of the struggle’s second part.

We’re speaking, in fact, concerning the meteor touchdown, the place Radahn launches himself into the air and comes hurtling again round within the type of a meteor to trigger a large space of impact explosion.

But how does it truly work? More particularly, what permits Radahn to successfully monitor the participant and land close to them? The reply is seemingly pretty easy.

According to Zullie the Witch, the well-known Souls modder behind many illuminating and… uncommon discoveries, the key is all in Radahn’s horse: Leonard.

A more in-depth have a look at the animation of the transfer reveals that Radahn sneakily pushes Leonard underground earlier than he flings himself off. But what you could not realise is that the scrawny horse continues to trace the participant’s location from beneath the floor, which is how Radahn is ready to land on the participant’s approximate location so efficiently.

Of course, there’s loads of sport improvement trickery concerned within the transfer. Radahn disappears when he ascends, and reappears in a unique pose to launch himself in the direction of the participant. It’s not as swish while you look into it an excessive amount of, however that is typically the case for many video games.

Players had suspected that Radahn all the time is aware of to land near the participant, and a few even used that to bait him into touchdown within the water, instantly killing him and ending the struggle. But it wasn’t clear how.

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