Mysterious LIDAR recreation mode for Garry’s Mod is giving gamers the creeps


Garry’s Mod, the sandbox title from Facepunch Studios, has been round for a very long time now. First launched in 2006, the title actually lets its gamers play the sport nonetheless they wish to; there isn’t any long-term targets within the base recreation mode, and gamers can modify Garry’s Mod to their hearts content material.

This, clearly, has led to varied gamers experimenting with the sport and producing their very own content material for it. Notable mods for Garry’s Mod have consisted of well-liked various recreation modes corresponding to Prop Hunt and Spacebuild, amongst many extra.

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Yet not each mod will overhaul the way you’re enjoying Garry’s Mod, and a number of the add-ons throughout the Steam Workshop exist to easily let gamers trial and look at how they’ll modify their expertise. One explicit mod that has just lately caught the eye of a handful of gamers is LIDAR.

A player uses a LIDAR scanner game mode in Garry's Mod to reveal an outside area of a map.
The LIDAR scanner definitely makes issues look just a little completely different, however it’s the remainder of the mod that’s spooky.

LIDAR is definitely a tool that you can name a lightweight radar of kinds. It works by concentrating on surfaces and objects with a laser, after which can decide the vary between your self and that floor or object. In Garry’s Mod, LIDAR is an addon that introduces an experimental recreation mode to the sport, permitting gamers to scan and reveal the map as they journey round it.

LIDAR first appeared on the Steam Workshop on 27 May 2022, and has since been rated by over 6000 customers. The mod at present sits at 5 stars, and I do not suppose that is solely due to the way it makes maps look. While enjoying with the mod, a handful of gamers have encountered some questionable occasions which have left them feeling just a little creeped out.

First raised to me by an in depth buddy who’s lively in the neighborhood, the mod has slowly done the rounds on Reddit after somebody observed that they weren’t alone on the planet. Since then, just a few extra have taken to putting in the mod and have been documenting what they’ve present in LIDAR.

In the outline for the mod, there isn’t any point out as to what exists inside this addon past it being an “experimental game mode” with “no goals, just the ability to scan the map.” So, when individuals began attempting out the mod and stumbling throughout unusual happenings, they had been understandably involved.

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Now, I like to recommend that you simply check out the mod for your self if you wish to expertise all of it anew. However, if not, it seems that there is a shock entity inside the LIDAR mod taunting gamers as they discover – this can be a uncommon prevalence that some try to hunt out, and those that have encountered it describe a sense of being stalked and have bumped into their recreation crashing.

In addition, each map is flipped 180 levels within the mod to disorient any participant not already within the know, and the music will get more and more extra unnerving as they discover. Who is aware of if the add-on is hiding away much more secrets and techniques, or if there are extra to be added?

It’s very Garry’s Mod meets creepypasta, however the majority of those that have skilled the mod are in love with the nifty horror expertise this modder (solely often called datæ on Steam) has conjured up.

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