Lego and Nintendo collaborate as soon as once more to offer us the very best character, Blue Shy Guy


Brick lovers collect spherical, as at Lego Con 2022, the plastic constructing firm and Nintendo introduced a brand new line of Super Mario character packs.

Nintendo of America shared a primary take a look at the brand new lineup of Lego variations of traditional Mario characters. It’s a thriller field sort of scenario, with eight totally different characters to gather and construct, together with Nabbit, Purple Toad, Hammer Bro, Waddlewing, Toady, Baby Yoshi, Red Yoshi, and most significantly of all, Blue Shy Guy.

“Unlimited possibilities LEGO Super Mario toy playsets bring Super Mario characters into the real world,” writes Lego within the product description. Each character is designed for use with a Starter Course set, however clearly it being Lego you’ll be able to simply get them and do what you need with them.

The product web page’s description does notice that Lego Mario, Luigi, and Peach do all react to those new characters in numerous methods, although, so it feels like they will change up play a minimum of in some small trend.

Currently, the brand new character pack is ready to launch August 1, so simply over a month till you’ll be able to try to accumulate the perfection that’s Blue Shy Guy.

It looks like Lego and Nintendo haven’t any intention of stopping the brick constructing, dangerous man stomping enjoyable, although final yr the 2 did appear to begin the method of retiring sure units.

Because Mario cannot do something with out Sonic in scorching pursuit, there may be additionally, in fact, a set primarily based on the spiny blue-blur. And it is a rattling good one too, letting you piece collectively your personal customized Sonic programs if that is the way you prefer to spend your weekend.

These new Lego Mario characters additionally look like they’d go down properly as one thing that you just share with your pals as you play Super Mario Odyssey by means of a powerful on-line multiplayer mod.


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