Lead CP2077 dev says “this fake criticism is actively harmful” of Starfield comparisons


Following some players making some pretty silly comparisons between Cyberpunk 2077 and Starfield, one of the former’s lead devs has offered his take on the matter.

Earlier this week, gamers decided to be gamers about Bethesda’s latest release by making some just plain pointless comparisons between Starfield and Cyberpunk. The points made really weren’t anything even making a point of, but people love to just log on and post, I guess. But Cyberpunk loremaster Patrick K. Mills shared what he thought of the so-called criticisms on his personal Twitter account (thanks, GamesRadar). Spoiler: he also thought they were silly.

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“How times have changed,” Mills wrote, quote tweeting one of the videos comparing the two games. “[To be clear] this fake criticism is actively harmful to the way the audience interacts with the medium and I hate it, but it’s very funny to see after how many hundreds of these were made to ridicule CP2077.”

There were still those who were trying to validate the comparisons in responses to Mills tweet, with questioning what the meaning of the comparison even is, writing, “There’s no commentary, just a handful of features being compared. What’s the meaning of this comparison? How does this relate to how I should feel about or experience these games? Useless criticism.”

A lot of the criticisms levied at Starfield are to do with pretty inane things like water effects not being as flashy, and NPCs not reacting to weapons. That second one is maybe slightly odd, but if something like that can ruin your immersion in a game, you might be playing for the wrong reasons.

Besides, there are much more important complaints to be made about Starfield, like why are there no dogs? Who made the cruel decision to make them all extinct? And Bethesda really should do something about that walking speed too, before Alex throws his controller through the wall.


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