Konami continues to beat dead horse, is hiring for “large-scale” Silent Hill projects


Konami might still be working on Silent Hill projects itself, it seems, as it’s currently recruiting staff to work on “large-scale projects” related to the series.

Earlier this week, the official Konami_career Twitter account put out a tweet stating that it is looking to bring on new staff to its Silent Hill Production team. “The “Silent Production Team” is looking for artists, planners, engineers, and project managers,” reads the tweet, translated via DeepL. “We are looking for artists, planners, engineers, and project managers to join our team! This is an opportunity to be involved in game production in a cutting-edge development environment.” Unsurprisingly, the tweet is plenty vague when it comes to exactly what prospective employees might be working on, but the job listings are still interesting.

We do know that a number of external studios are working on Silent Hill projects, including the Silent Hill 2 remake from Bloober Team, alongside Silent Hill f and Silent Hill Townfall. There’s been no indication that Konami is working with any of these studios outside of being the rights holders and publishers, though last year prior to the reveal of these new Silent Hill games a rating for a title called Silent Hill: The Short Message was spotted. We haven’t heard anything about this title officially still, but earlier this week some plot details did emerge from a newer rating which does suggest the project is still on the way.

Essentially, it’s pretty unclear whether Konami itself will be developing more Silent Hill titles, but the evidence that it has plans for more than the aforementioned is growing. We did get a new Silent Hill project recently, Ascension, which can even feature your character apparently – though you’ll likely have to fork over a ton of money and buy its season pass if you want even a chance of that happening.


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