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You’re nearly there! It has been an extended and fruitful journey taking part in by way of the primary storyline quests of Potion Permit. You’ve accessed new areas and located new supplies wanted to make very distinctive potions alongside the way in which. Now all you need to do after incomes the city’s belief, befriending the villagers, and making loopy potions, is change into an official licensed chemist for the city of Moonbury! Here is the way you end the primary storyline by finishing the Third Chemistry Test in Potion Permit.

The Third and Final

Somewhat sarcastically there a giant ‘finale’ really feel from finishing the penultimate quest by purifying the pool of water and discovering the Drake Aloe. You have to finish this quest first earlier than you’ll be visited by Xiao and the chemists who’ve been overseeing your work. The day after you full it Xiao, Moira, Collin, and your mentor offers you the Third Chemistry Test.

After all of your onerous work and quests are accomplished, you now can take the Third Chemistry Test! Head over to the Research Bench to unlock the recipe required to finish your take a look at.

Completing the analysis unlocks the recipe for Angel Wine. Angel Wine is described as the ultimate take a look at solely made by high-ranking chemists – that’s you! Now simply head over to the potion cauldron and remedy the puzzle to make the wine.

Finish the Test and Main Story

Bring the Wine to Xiao. The subsequent day after the Medical Aossotian crew has examined your work, they’ll come to go to you very first thing within the morning. You may have succeeded after all and they’re going to bestow upon you your closing badge promotion, a Medical Association Badge.

That’s it! You’ve change into a full fledge chemist. You are rewarded with new potion recipes as nicely and have completed the mainline story quest of Potion Permit! It could ot really feel like a giant celebration. Saving the city from the poison water and discovering the Drake Aloe has a much bigger cutscene. However, you understand have no extra story quests.

That being stated, you continue to have loads extra to do, ending recipes and maxing out all of the friendship and romance potential of the townsfolk. Your story journey is full, however should you’re a completionist, there’s most likely loads extra of you to do and your post-game has simply begone.

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