How to Avoid the Zurks and Reach the Tower on the Roof Tops in Stray


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It’s anybody’s guess what a cat will get as much as because it explores the high-rising roofs of an enormous metropolis. What they’re searching for, what different creatures they’re entering into scrapes with. Well, if Stray is any indication, the “what” is a spot to stay a transmitter, and the “creatures” are icky Zurks. Here’s learn how to keep away from the Zurks and attain the tower on the roof tops in Stray.

How to Avoid the Zurks and Reach the Tower on the Roof Tops in Stray

Not lengthy into Stray’s fifth chapter, you’ll be navigating the rooftops whereas Zurks come out of the woodwork to antagonize you. These little jerks operate as a single, horde-like unit. If one rushes you, it’ll in all probability have a number of extra behind it. Since you’ll be able to’t cease them your self, you’ll must make cautious use of misdirection and the setting to throw them off your path. If you’re ever caught in an unfavorable scenario, don’t be afraid to backtrack a bit till you’re in a safer spot.

When you get to the a part of the extent with two doorways and a cage over a chasm, it’s best to see a few units on both aspect. Press the button in your aspect to shut one of many doorways and open the opposite, which is able to let a gaggle of Zurks unfastened. Use your meow to attract their consideration and lure them into the close by cage, then leap again throughout the chasm to hit the button and entice them. Once they’re handled, you’ll be able to proceed transferring upwards with some assist from a barrel.

Image through BlueTwelve Studio

The subsequent space is a maze of planks and pipes that you just’ll must observe upwards. The path you’ll want to observe is fairly clear, so simply carry on transferring and the Zurks gained’t catch you. When you see a barrel behind a fence, you’ll must lure the Zurks over to the appropriate aspect of the ground, then shortly dodge previous them and leap into the fence to get to the barrel. Roll the barrel ahead to entry the ultimate space.

In this space, an elevator will likely be slowly descending from above you. All you are able to do is bide your time till it arrives, so simply attempt to hold working circles across the Zurks. As lengthy as you don’t cease, they gained’t be capable of gang up on you. Once the elevator lastly arrives, get in, journey it to the highest, and plant the transmitter to finish the extent.


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