How Do You Get Shiny Palkia in Pokemon Shining Pearl? Answered


Shining Pearl
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Everyone loves an excellent o’l legendary Pokemon so as to add to their assortment. You grow to be God like when you possibly can brag to everybody that you simply’ve acquired each Pokemon in your sport. Palkia, the legendary Pokemon is a kind of legendaries that you simply simply have to have in your group. Palkia was launched to the Pokemon world throughout the Gen 4 period and is taken into account the creator of area. Palkia guidelines over the world, so it is smart, individuals wish to know easy methods to seize it. We have the solutions, so look no additional! Here’s easy methods to seize a SHINY Palkia on Pokemon Shining Pearl.

Shiny Pokemon in Shining Pearl

First off, what are shiny Pokemon? Of course, it’s straightforward to seek out any legendary or random Pokemon hidden within the grass. A shiny Pokemon is completely different from its unique counter half. Shiny Pokemon are Pokemon which can be uncommon to seize. There are just a few strategies to get a shiny Pokemon that embody breeding & chaining Pokemon of the identical species. Typically, you wish to seize the identical species of Pokemon in a series till a shiny pops up. You’ll know they’re a shiny as a consequence of their coloring and sparkles surrounding the Pokemon throughout battle. You thought catching all of them was straightforward? Try catching solely shinies after which come speak to us.

How to catch shiny Palkia on Shining Pearl

There are two strategies to attempt to seize a shiny Palkia. This consists of the storied occasion and the submit elite 4. The first methodology attempting to seize a shiny Palkia would require you to succeed in the seventh fitness center chief and go into battle with him. After defeating the fitness center chief you’ll attain a cutscene the place Palkia will reveal itself. This is IMPORTANT!! Make positive you save your sport earlier than participating in a battle with Palkia since you’re going to wish to hold mushy resetting quite a few occasions till you get a shiny Palkia. There’s a 1/4096 likelihood you’re going to get a shiny, so, carry on resetting!

Next, we’re going to speak in regards to the second methodology when you’ve defeated the elite 4 and champion. When you beat the elite 4 and champion you’re going to wish to use your shiny appeal you get when you end beating them. Head over to Spear Pillar the place you’ll discover Palkia hanging out at his traditional respawn location. Now that you’ve got a shiny appeal your odds of getting a shiny Palkia are drastically doubled! We suggest utilizing this methodology because it gained’t take as many tries because the earlier methodology. Just save your progress earlier than the battle and hold mushy resetting your sport till a shiny Palkia comes your manner.

That’s it! Easy, proper? Now for the final word Pokemon problem. Try capturing all shiny Pokemon the subsequent time you play Shining Pearl. If you need extra ideas & methods for all the things Pokemon hold following Gamer Journalist! We submit each day information on upcoming and new video games, guides, & codes which can be all the time up to date.

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