Halo Infinite Forge mod makes a really good case for a turn-based Halo


If you’ve ever wondered what Halo might look like if its typical FPS action was swapped out for the turn-based combat of a RPG, an interesting mod might be worth checking out.

The project in question is being made using Halo Infinite Forge by a game developer who goes by the handle RedNomster. They’re developing what they’ve dubbed “The Halo RPG”, a map that uses Forge’s vast toolkit to turn typical battles into turn-based tabletop-style encounters.

As to how they’ve managed to pull such a thing off, the developer explained that their creation uses AI characters as “figurines” which have been outfitted with “hundreds of scripting nodes that (allow) the players to select an AI, then move/attack with them one at a time.”

The system they’ve created allows players to activate a maximum of two actions per turn, with an example being to move your character first, then launch an attack before having to wait for your next turn to roll around.

“The nuance comes from traditional AI RNG, their specific kits and character types,” RedNomster explained, “and optional objectives like moving to a button that frees UNSC survivors or calls in Banished reinforcements.”

As you can see in the gameplay snippet the developer has shared via the Tweet above, this looks like it could make for some pretty intense and drawn-out battles between two sides that know they have to max out what they can accomplish within limited constraints. It certainly seems like it could be up your alley if you’re an RTS-head that loves the Halo Wars games.

“I can’t wait to show more,” RedNomster said in reponse to one commenter, “I want it to be unique, but stay true to Halo. For example, the Marines can optionally free the survivors and escorting them to the evac pelican acts as a golden snitch, but it’s risky!”

In other Halo Infinite news, recent changes to the prices of some items in its shop that are in the process of having the ability to work with multiple different types of armour cores added to them have caused a bit of a rift between the game’s developers and members of its community.


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