Graveyard Keeper is a morbid must-try sim on PS Plus


The present line-up of video games obtainable through PS Plus Extra is rising, and positive sufficient, they’ve launched one indie simulation title that has sat in my backlog of video games to play for fairly some time: Graveyard Keeper.

Now, in the event you’re conversant in old-school Harvest Moon, Stardew Valley, and different pixelated 2D sims like them, Graveyard Keeper will not be information to you. It takes the farming simulation system and as a substitute transports you to a darkish and morbid city during which you, and unnamed man wishing to be reunited together with his love, should develop into the Graveyard Keeper.

I used to be promised (by each associates and strangers on Reddit) that the sport would fill the Stardew Valley formed gap in my coronary heart, albeit with many darkish twists and turns. I ought to’ve listened to the advice a lot sooner as somebody who likes to mindlessly grind in Stardew Valley, however can be a fan of something horrific and macabre. I lastly took on my function because the Graveyard Keeper, and located that the title intertwines the 2 splendidly, and it’s been extremely charming, to say the least.

Catch the trailer for Graveyard Keeper right here.

You’re instantly thrust into the function of digging graves and restoring the yard in Graveyard Keeper, with a speaking cranium named Gerry to your help, all whereas build up relationships with NPCs and uncovering secrets and techniques surrounding The Town. The overarching aim of the sport is not something new, however the setting very a lot is. Rather than rebuild your grandfather’s previous farm from the bottom up, you are to look after useless our bodies in an unknown world as a substitute… they usually aren’t at all times useless.

The graveyard in Graveyard Keeper, but the keeper is being visited by a ghost.
You could also be aware about ghostly visits because the Graveyard Keeper.

Graveyard Keeper does not maintain your hand, and generally, figuring out which tech tree to go down subsequent or which quest to do first could be complicated. I took to r/GraveyardKeeper on Reddit a number of instances and was met with a delightfully welcoming neighborhood, in addition to a number of misplaced souls that the neighborhood nonetheless welcomed with open arms. So if you wish to relive the halycon days the place seemingly everybody on the planet was taking part in both Stardew Valley or New Horizons, you may sequester your self away in a still-thriving neighborhood and luxuriate in a sport that acquired one other chunk of the apple due to PS Plus.

Graveyard Keeper has a singular idea to dive into, and whereas conducting autopsies and promoting off the meat of corpses feels very bizarre on this lovable world of sprites, it quickly turns into pure. This charming world is accompanied by a neighborhood of useful keepers standing by to assist any newcomers, making any challenges you face appear nothing extra than simply that. As for the inhabitants of The Town, they’re extremely vibrant, lively (satirically), and NPCs will depart you wanting extra. That is maybe one of many few downfalls of Graveyard Keeper, really.

The story of Graveyard Keeper isn’t as developed as I’d have hoped, however the characters are so fulfilling to work together with. These jovial NPCs definitely carry the sport alongside, however it will be good to see the story expanded upon in the future. Fortunately for newcomers like myself, Lazy Bear Studios remains to be updating and patching the sport over time. So, who is aware of what the longer term for our Graveyard Keeper holds?

This is the player home in Graveyard Keeper, and various structures for crafting can be placed outside.
Your house is yours to fill with varied crafting buildings and storage!

That being mentioned, choosing up Graveyard Keeper whereas it’s free on PS Plus is maybe one of the best ways to determine if that is for you. The sport, admittedly, isn’t for everybody, and performs extra like an Early Access title than a completed sport. If you’re ready to take care of bugs right here and there, and in the event you cherished Stardew Valley, you’ll little doubt discover one thing to like about Graveyard Keeper too. For me, there’s one thing extremely satisfying about tidying up my graveyard… and I believe it is likely to be time to get again to it.

Graveyard Keeper is obtainable totally free on PS4 through PS Plus Extra, so there is no higher time to present the sport a go.


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