Eugene Sheffer Crossword September 15 2023 Answers


If you are searching for: Eugene Sheffer Crossword September 15 2023 Answers. CrossWord Puzzles are a fun educational toy that challenges young minds, teaching and preparing some very important life skills. Give your brain some exercise and solve your way through brilliant crosswords published every day.

Pool unit 3 letters LAP
— Diego 3 letters SAN
Mortal Kombat agent 5 letters SONYA
Comedian Gasteyer 3 letters ANA
Author Umberto 3 letters ECO
City-related 5 letters URBAN
Bankbook abbr. 3 letters INT
Survival drama series for which Lee Jung-jae won an Emmy 9 letters SQUIDGAME
Aussie hopper 3 letters ROO
Quests 5 letters HUNTS
Auld Lang — 4 letters SYNE
British verb ending 3 letters ISE
Casual shirt 4 letters POLO
Diner order 3 letters BLT
Like Zorro or Batman 6 letters MASKED
Yarns 5 letters TALES
Stickum 5 letters PASTE
Needing change 6 letters INARUT
Cardinal cap letters 3 letters STL
Lion’s share 4 letters MOST
— Dhabi 3 letters ABU
Creche trio 4 letters MAGI
Door handles 5 letters KNOBS
Aries 3 letters RAM
Kin of three-card monte 9 letters SHELLGAME
UFO fliers 3 letters ETS
Equine 5 letters HORSE
StubHub buys slangily 3 letters TIX
The Bells writer 3 letters POE
Diminish 5 letters ABATE
Messy room 3 letters STY
Illustrations 3 letters ART
Hideaways 5 letters LAIRS
Pester 5 letters ANNOY
Cry the Beloved Country author Alan 5 letters PATON
Meeting in slang 4 letters SESH
Find not guilty 6 letters ACQUIT
Subjects usually 5 letters NOUNS
Beer slangily 4 letters SUDS
URL ending 3 letters ORG
Cagers’ gp. 3 letters NBA
Orange tuber 3 letters YAM
Chemical suffix 3 letters ANE
Thing 4 letters ITEM
Critic Roger 5 letters EBERT
Sacred song 5 letters PSALM
Approves 3 letters OKS
Allow 3 letters LET
Praise in verse 3 letters ODE
Baton Rouge sch. 3 letters LSU
Suitable 3 letters APT
Country singer McGraw 3 letters TIM
Year in Madrid 3 letters ANO
Opener at Vegas? 3 letters LAS
Tart flavor 4 letters TANG
Hand in 6 letters SUBMIT
Marina sights 5 letters BOATS
Venezuelan corn patty 5 letters AREPA
Croc’s kin 5 letters GATOR
No more for me thanks 5 letters IMSET
Swiss artist Paul 4 letters KLEE
Hot 4 letters SEXY
— Na Na 3 letters SHA
Mischief 3 letters HOB
Notable time 3 letters ERA


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