Eugene Sheffer Crossword November 14 2023 Answers


If you are searching for: Eugene Sheffer Crossword November 14 2023 Answers. CrossWord Puzzles are a fun educational toy that challenges young minds, teaching and preparing some very important life skills. Give your brain some exercise and solve your way through brilliant crosswords published every day.

Honey drink 4 letters MEAD
Parisian pal 3 letters AMI
Diplomacy 4 letters TACT
Alan of The West Wing 4 letters ALDA
Faux — 3 letters PAS
Some JFK guesses 4 letters ETAS
Beverly Hillbillies family name 8 letters CLAMPETT
NYC gallery 4 letters MOMA
Half dozen 3 letters SIX
Nighthawks painter Edward 6 letters HOPPER
Square dance group 5 letters OCTET
Curse 4 letters BANE
Asia’s — Sea 4 letters ARAL
Bel Canto author Ann 8 letters PATCHETT
Scepter 3 letters ROD
Glee guitarist 5 letters ARTIE
— culpa 3 letters MEA
Actress Johansson 8 letters SCARLETT
Campus area 4 letters QUAD
Online auction site 4 letters EBAY
Corn covers 5 letters HUSKS
Fragrant wood 6 letters BALSAM
French yes 3 letters OUI
Slender woodwind 4 letters OBOE
Pear variety 8 letters BARTLETT
Oodles 4 letters ALOT
30 Rock role 3 letters LIZ
Onion relative 4 letters LEEK
Workout count 4 letters REPS
Tokyo’s historic name 3 letters EDO
Venetian blind part 4 letters SLAT
PC alternative 3 letters MAC
Right angle 3 letters ELL
Oklahoma city 3 letters ADA
Maiden 6 letters DAMSEL
Pinnacle 4 letters APEX
Yoga pad 3 letters MAT
Anything else? 8 letters ISTHATIT
Plant-based protein 6 letters TEMPEH
Perched on 4 letters ATOP
Showed up 4 letters CAME
Bygone ruler 4 letters TSAR
Peach center 3 letters PIT
Formerly 4 letters ONCE
Rowboat needs 4 letters OARS
Gator’s kin 4 letters CROC
There! 4 letters TADA
Eccentric 5 letters BATTY
We the people document 8 letters PREAMBLE
Flightless birds 4 letters EMUS
Ship wood 4 letters TEAK
Tiny amounts 4 letters TADS
Jessica of Dark Angel 4 letters ALBA
Puts back to zero 6 letters RESETS
Old-fashioned pens 6 letters QUILLS
Grass shack 3 letters HUT
Piglet’s dad 4 letters BOAR
Competent 4 letters ABLE
Air show stunt 4 letters LOOP
Rice-shaped pasta 4 letters ORZO
Help 3 letters AID
Sushi choice 3 letters EEL
Bubble — 3 letters TEA


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