Elden Ring participant makes improvisational jazz by beating the sport with a piano


Elden Ring would not be a real FromSoftware sport if it did not have individuals enjoying it in bizarre methods, like this one participant who beat the sport utilizing a piano.

With the pliability of Elden Ring’s builds, there’s a complete variety of methods to beat the sport. You like huge swords? You can get a giant sword! Or possibly you love to do self imposed problem runs, like not taking a single hit. Alternatively, you may beat the sport through the use of a piano as a controller, simply to actually shake issues up a bit (thanks, Eurogamer).

This specific accomplishment was pulled off by Omunchkin, who by watching a lot of tutorials connected a MIDI piano to their PC, and assigned the assorted piano keys to the keyboard keys wanted to play the sport.

However, Omunchkin was primarily enjoying the Dark Souls of utilizing a piano to play Elden Ring, because the YouTuber was utilizing a demo model of the software program that allow him map the keyboard inputs to the piano. This meant that the software program would solely final 20 minutes at a time, forcibly shutting itself down as soon as time ran out.

Omunchkin additionally did not choose to mute the piano, which means your entire run is one thing of a cacophony of repetitive button presses. Which would not make it essentially the most lovely of issues to take heed to, however hey, he is the one which managed to beat the sport utilizing a piano so who’re we to complain.

For essentially the most half he caught to the primary questline, with the one main facet boss he took on being General Radahn and his tiny, player-tracking horse. The full run is value a watch even when improvisational jazz is not your cup of tea, if just for the sense of vindication that comes from seeing so many of those ache within the ass gods getting taken down by a literal keyboard.


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