Elden Ring datamine reveals the quilt character as soon as had a questline


Some potential Elden Ring reduce content material found by a dataminer might need revealed a questline involving the sport’s cowl artwork character, Vyke.

If you were not conscious of it, which might be completely truthful contemplating how obtuse the lore is in FromSoftware’s video games, the knight you may see on Elden Ring’s cowl artwork is not really your character. He’s really a personality referred to as Vyke, who’s within the sport as an invader and in a boss combat. And now YouTuber Sekiro Dubi appears to have uncovered some particulars that may level in direction of Vyke as soon as having a questline within the sport.

In Sekiro Dubi’s video, some inaccessible dialogue from Gostoc references “a rather repulsive looking knight” with armour that is “melting inwards, practically falling apart,” very clearly in reference to Vyke.

Sekiro Dubi additionally appears to have found a reduce questline for Vyke, however no textual content or audio stays from it. With dialogue choices additionally having been eliminated, although nonetheless selectable.

Vyke was meant to have been summonable in Stormveil fortress, and Sekiro Dubi posits that it might need been for Godfrey moderately than Godrick, as the previous’s character mannequin was additionally discovered to have been spawnable in one other datamine. Though there is no manner of realizing for certain.

Vyke’s quest additionally had three reward, the primary some Neutralizing Boluses, after which two reduce gadgets.

Let’s briefly attempt to clarify Vyke for some context as to why it is fascinating he has reduce content material (some spoilers forward). Like you, Vyke is Tarnished. According to merchandise descriptions about his armour, “No other Tarnished was closer to the throne of the Elden Lord than Vyke.” The description goes on to elucidate that Vyke went deep beneath the capital metropolis, and “was scorched by the flame of frenzy.”

Like many armour units within the sport, Vyke’s is one you may purchase. And it is extremely clearly melted in quite a few locations, with bigger finger prints embedded within the armour, probably on account of the three fingers that reside beneath the town.

In flip, which means that Vyke would have been affected by the flame of frenzy, one thing that causes insanity by an outer god. We may even see the second he would have been taken over by the flame within the cowl artwork for Game Informer’s February issue cover.

We’ll most likely by no means know why Vyke’s story was made extra secretive, but it surely may merely be that it was extra fascinating as a thriller moderately than one thing extra instantly advised to you.


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