Elden Ring chad Let Me Solo Her will get an precise sword for being a bro


Elden Ring is residence to many tales of heroics and bravado, however one particularly wasn’t written by FromSoftware. The legend of Let Me Solo Her, an Elden Ring chad who went round serving to gamers defeat Malenia, has obtained correct recognition from Bandai Namco.

Malenia is infamous for being Elden Ring’s most difficult boss, so Let Me Solo Her’s co-op summon signal was a welcome sight for anybody seeking to beat her. The legend has soloed her over 1,000 instances.

Klein Tsuboi, the individual behind the persona, revealed on Twitter that they had been despatched a care package deal by Bandai Namco, Elden Ring’s writer. The swag field consists of an precise sword from the sport, a wearable cloak, a world map, a chunk of artwork, and a personalised word – all in a really regal field.

Tsuboi posted photos of the lot on Twitter, thanking the Souls neighborhood for supporting them, and calling out huge content material creator names like VaatiVidya, IronPineapple, Zullie the Witch, BonfireVN and others as inspiration.

Though it’s possible you’ll not imagine it given their expertise, Tsuboi truly began with Dark Souls 3 – and practically give up on the recreation’s tutorial boss, Iudex Gundyr!

Tsuboi rose to fame shortly after the discharge of Elden Ring. Though many would provide assist defeating Malenia, Let Me Solo Her was extra constant than most, and so they had the bravado and gusto to point out for it. Tsuboi all the time arrived trying the identical: carrying nothing however a loincloth and a jar-shaped helmet, and outfitted with two katanas.

That iconic imagery impressed a lot fan artwork, and even earned Let Me Solo Her their very own mod, turning them into an NPC.

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