Diablo 4’s Season 2 is so big it needs two two-hour livestreams to unpack

We’re one month away now from the start of Diablo 4’s second season, Season of Blood. If you’re keeping track of how Blizzard likes to reveal updates and upcoming features for its game, you’ll know that we’re quite close now to the next developer livestream.

While Blizzard hasn’t said when that’s going to be, the developer is so confident in the amount of new content in Season of Blood that it plans to host two livestreams that could each run for two hours! This interesting fact was revealed by Diablo boss Rod Fergusson on Twitter.

Diablo community lead Adam Fletcher also agreed that you should expect two long livestreams. That’s four hours of deep dive livestreams!

Season of Blood was announced last month at Gamescom. The upcoming season has a vampire theme, introduces a new vampire hunter character, and brings a number of much-requested quality of life changes and new mechanics – which we’re going to learn about in those streams.

The reception to Season 1 hasn’t been the most warm, but Blizzard did walk back much of the controversial changes made with the pre-season patch since. The bigger problem, however, was that the season simply didn’t have enough new content, so it makes sense for Blizzard to emphasise how much Season 2 is going to improve on that.

Season 2 kicks off October 17, and it’s only the start of the studio’s long-term plan to bring new content to the game, which also includes yearly expansions.

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