Diablo 4’s next patch will boost XP gains – but not for everyone


What might be the last Diablo 4 patch before the end of Season 1, and the beginning of the next one – Season of Blood – will be with us tomorrow, September 12. Blizzard revealed the patch notes for 1.1.4, the game’s next update.

Patch 1.1.4 is fairly small compared to the many post-Season 1 patches the game had received. The big deal here is a major buff to Urn of Aggression, one of the key Season Blessings – available as part of the battle pass. Anyone who plays Diablo 4 can take advantage of Season Blessings, as you do not need to own the battle pass.

Season Blessings are permanent buffs available for your character on the Seasonal Realm. You can move your Smoldering Ashes between the different Blessings when you need to, as they each offer very good buffs in their own right. Smoldering Ashes are earned by progressing the battle pass, and it’s what powers each Blessing.

Urn of Aggression is the one with the XP bonuses, boasting four tiers of buffs to the XP earned from killing monsters. Right now, the total bonus from all four tiers is only 8%, which is silly, considering how much you have to invest to get all four – and how high your character level needs to be to take advantage of it.

The next update, however, will increase the total bonus to 20%, more than double the original value. The rest of the patch notes are made up of a few miscellaneous bug fixes, though don’t expect aything major.

There is, however, one fix for players who rely on the screen reader, which will allow it to read enemy names.

Between now and the October 17 start date for Season of Blood, there’s enough time for Diablo 4 to get more patches – though Blizzard didn’t say if we should expect more between now and then. What we are getting soon, however, are new details about the next season.


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