Dead by Daylight ventures to space with a terrifying new threat

The next chapter of dead by daylight introduce sci-fi horror into the action-horror game with a new map and Killer on the loose.

The next chapter takes place on a mysterious planet that is home to the remains of an ancient civilization. Titled End Transmission, the map is a unique biome with threatening flora, and within it hides The Singularity.

Here’s a look at End Transmission, the next chapter in Dead by Daylight.

This monstrous being rearranged from organic matter and machine parts seeks to assimilate all organic life and become the perfect life form.

An enlightened AI corrupted by alien technology, The Singularity can spy on Survivors anywhere on the map, has great intellect, and can spread its presence through restructured organic matter with the help of its BioPods.

Poseable on vertical surfaces, The Singularity can transfer its consciousness into BioPods to spy on survivors and attempt to swipe them to reform at its location. The Slipstream effect causes The Singularity to materialize behind a Survivor and immediately start the chase. A fully towed Survivor will spread the effect to other nearby Survivors. You will have to rethink your strategies, as the power of The Singularity can change the cooperation.

More dangers lurk on the planet and Toba Landing. The new map is made up of three notable areas. One features buildings left over from a greedy corporation called Huxlee, the second is an ominous jungle, and the third contains some remnants of an ancient civilization.

With the chapter comes a new Survivor, Gabriel Soma, a technician who has survived The Singularity thus far, having avoided the terrible fate of his crewmates.

Gabriel is right-handed and uses a tool called an EMP, placed randomly around a map when facing The Singularity. The EMP can be used to temporarily disable the Killer’s BioPods or remove the Slipstream effect from other Survivors.

End Transmission also brings two alien outfits for The Singularity and Gabriel. Singularity’s Huxlee hybrid cosmetic shows more robotic matter assimilated into his body, while Gabriel’s EVA Suit cosmetic puts him in protective gear.

More collections will be available after the release of End Transmission, ranging from the new Waterfront Massacre cosmetics, Twisted Masquerade cosmetics, and a futuristic collection.

The End Transmission releases on June 13 for PS5, PS4, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. It will be available for PC via Steam, the Epic Games Store, and the Windows Store.

A new survivor is being added to the mix, and it’s none other than Nicolas Cage. The award-winning actor will be entering The Fog as himself, and you can learn more about his inclusion next month on July 5.

Here’s a teaser for Dead by Daylight starring Nicolas Cage.

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