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Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origins has simply launched its first DLC. Trials of the Dragon King is providing plenty of new content material, together with tools and new jobs. There’s additionally a enjoyable new inventive approach to go in regards to the DLC storyline that has some little bit of layers to it. While many would have believed that Bahamut’s Trials had been going to be the identify of the quests or missions the Dragon King despatched you and your half out on, it seems to not be the case. Instead, it’s a must to participate in “Conversations with Bahamut” in an effort to progress the story. Many of the Conversations result in missions, however not all cutscenes do. So let’s break down each dialog with Bahamut and the missions they unlock.

All Conversations with Bahamut Cutscenes

There are 3 separate conversations every with a number of cutscenes as Jack and his chaos crew debate the necessity for Gods, what people can do for themselves, and the roles the characters play within the destiny of Cornelia.

    • Full Conversation Cutscenes:
      • The Trial Begins
      • Embracing Chaos
      • An Uncontrollable Force
      • A World of Darkness
      • A Singular Vision
      • A Token of Courage and Strength
    • Full Conversation Cutscenes:
      • The Dragon King’s Past
      • Rebirth
      • Meddlers
      • The World of Men
      • A Light within the Dark
      • The Power of Summoning
    • Full Conversation Cutscenes:
      • What Has Been
      • Chaos and the Dragon King
      • A Blessing for the Crystals
      • The Warriors of Chaos

Not each cutscene unlocks a mission, nor does each mission develop into unlocked through cutscene. So you can see how far it’s a must to go together with all of the Conversations, right here is the checklist of Missions unlocked with their corresponding cutscene.

  • Unlocked after the Token of Courage and Strength dialog cutscene:
    • Ebon Memories: The Warrior’s Despair
    • Scarlet Memories: The Monk’s Despair
    • Scarlet Memories: The Thief’s Despair
    • Scarlet Memories: The Knight’s Despair
  • Unlocked after The Dragon King’s Past dialog cutscene:
    • Trials of the Dragon King

A reminder you can solely interact in Conversations with Bahamut and subsequently unlock the cutscenes and missions by taking part in on BAHAMUT Difficulty. Once you full the primary new mission given to you routinely within the DLC after defeating the sport’s primary storyline first, you can be given a fast mission and cutscene to find Bahamut as he grants you his trials, the BAHAMUT Difficulty, and leads you onto the subsequent mission of the DLC storyline.