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Lords Mobile combines a number of genres together with role-playing, real-time technique and world-building mechanics to offer a novel expertise to its gamers. One of the foremost issues to do within the sport is thrashing monsters. While there are a number of monsters that includes totally different problem, our focus shall be Arctic Flipper on this information.

Arctic Flipper is a Normal Monster, which spawns for 2 consecutive days in the midst of one Monster cycle. While the monster goes away after roughly three hours, gamers can kill it to earn rewards. Let’s have a better take a look at how we will tame this beast.

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Lords Mobile: How To Beat Arctic Flipper

Lords Mobile Arctic Flipper
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Arctic Flippers are made like a tank. They have excessive HP and with out the harm multiplier it turns into tough to kill these monsters. Also, the extent of the monster will depend upon the extent of the Guild summoning it. This makes issues extra fascinating.

Although Arctic Flipper is powerful in opposition to excessive PDEF, we’ll want it together with different forms of heroes to counter the monster. Arctic Flipper is weak in opposition to magic spells so you need to use loads of magic harm to deliver him down. It is finest to make use of a mix of healers with excessive PDEF heroes and magic harm characters.

Best free hero lineups embrace:

  • Child of Light, Prima Donna, Incinerator, Elementalist, Sage of Storms (Level 5)
  • Prima Donna, Incinerator, Bombin’ Goblin, Elementalist, Sage of Storms (Level 4)

Best paid hero lineups embrace:

  • Storm Fox, Twilight Priestess, Petite Devil, Dream Witch , Witch Doll (Level 5)
  • Necroduke, Storm Fox, Petite Devil, Incinerator, Dark Magister (Level 4)

You also can tame the monster in Guild Bash. For free heroes you should use Black Crow, Death Archer, Incinerator, Tracker, Trickster (Level 1-5). For paid heroes it’s best to stay to Black Crow, Death Archer, Incinerator, Petite Devil, Tracker (Level 1-5).

That’s our tackle beating Arctic Flipper within the sport. Stay tuned on Gamer Journalist for extra guides


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